Mobile Domination, Fast Flying Files, Instantaneous Communication, At The Speed Of Light

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Put a condenser mic on a cellphone and upload a HD video onto the net in moments.  Slogging chips into computers or USB transfers or whatever else we used to do are things of the past.  Files are flipping from phones to phones instantaneously and exist on all platforms at the same time.  Time and space are changing and reality is shifting.  New technologies are dominating the capital market and are rising to great power at alarming rates.  The revolution is here and the year is 2014.  Twitter is a cliche not some secret website for strange people who are into things that no one else understands.  The web is reality and the people and things it brings together is epic.
All the rage right now?
1.  Snap Chat
2.  Keek
3.  Mixbit
4.  Tout
5.  Vine

And numerous more similar sites.  Ok there are many great sites out there doing great things.  The commonality has to do with the speed of communications that is speeding up.  YouTube is great but more for people slowing things down.  Facebook is great but also slow.  Slow is being replaced by fast.  Slow is the anchor.  The big content stores.  But we also need to communicate and hookup ideas and people together.  Make money and change the world in realty as well as on the web.

Web 2.0 is slow so we need new faster and different communities with different feels and flavors.  And they are being invented every day.  Welcome to the revolution and enjoy the ride.


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