How Origional Ideas Change The World

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The originator of ideas are among the most powerful.  People follow the idea and the inventor of the idea becomes rich an powerful.  Resources flow in as the world crowns them.  Everything is an idea from your philosophies on life, the country you live in, your money, to your favorite restaurant, etc.  What ideas do you hold trapped inside of you that could aid your rise to power and success, and why do you hold them in?  Why are you unwilling or unable to do the work to see your ideas to reality?  Hopefully you will start to take small action when you have a good idea.  Open up a blog.  Meet other people who share your interests or may potentially help you.

Some people struggle with coming up with ideas.  This often lies in limiting beliefs, and maybe just associating with people and things that aren't conducive to positive thoughts that lead to inspiration.  The most basic belief is little old me can't really do great things because other people say I can't etc.  Life is an evolution.  Grow learn and step up with your ideas.  This is your shot.  The Internet is here for you.  People are here for you take action and reach out to people and learn from your mistakes.

Leadership is key.  No one is going to help bring you ideas forward but you.  No body will champion them but you.  So it is important to believe that your ideas are as good as any.  You are legit and your mistakes will help you grow and form new ideas and new ways of developing them.

Action is the most important thing.  People who do go farther in life than people who think.

And most importantly balance your life.  I learn the most socializing with people not stuck in my bat cave on my computer all day.  Get out.  The social world, and the real world are very similar.  Embrace people and their perspectives, their stories and your ability to learn and grow.

Cultivate your mind, your body physically and move on and up.  Good luck.


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