Notice Of Copyright Infringement Spam

Bookmark and ShareA disturbing social media trend lately has been notice of copyright infringement spam.  This happens when a seemingly reputable company makes a bogus copyright claim against a users 100% original content.  This could be a bug, or there could be political and economic reasons behind the attack.  For instance if a user is seen to be too successful people could pull strings to have this happen.  Or perhaps the publishing companies created a robot spider that indiscriminately flags materials for copyright that are used open and fair.  The said corporation benefits from legitimate claims while users may have their whole life uprooted from the claim.
The best solution to this that I can think of is:
1.  Creating many accounts.  This may seem like spam to some but in reality can be a way of protecting one's content.  An example may include having a personal branded channel, and maybe ten other channels with different branding and function.
2.  Become more proficient at other sites.  This can allow a person to maintain their user base in case of a copyright attack.
3.  Filling out a report naming the institutions that created the attack.  This can allow the mother site to block their spam bots and eliminate the problem for thousands of people.
4.  Using anonymous accounts.  This eliminates the whole personal identity attacks.  People are less likely to get mad at a sock puppet type of account.
5.  Create forum posts documenting this.  Doing a Google search I mostly came up with instances of people flagrantly abusing copyright laws rather than victims of this that only produce original content.  It can be hard when a victim to step up and say something.

In conclusion do not loose sight of the goal which is to make some cash, build the empire, and just relax and enjoy any success that happens.


Youtube Partnership: How To Get Views

Bookmark and ShareYouTube for many people is a tough medium.  Most users get tired of promoters pretty quick and many channels have gone to the wayside over the years.  It seems like the YouTube ball game changes and evolves all of the time.  For instance in 2007 the content and users that were the focus are now completely retired in many cases from the game.  Other popular channels are now fairly obscure except for some die hard users that enjoy the underground scene.  Other people have resurfaced because lets face it, making an online video is fun no matter what.

Once people get beyond the simple basics of YouTube they start to crave getting videos on the front page.  They want the big attention.

Many blogs cover this topic.  One such blog is How To Get Views.


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