How To Use The Internet For Recruitment

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Recruitment is typically a time consuming and unrewarding process.  It is important to do your best to find the most competent people available.  Generally people who work or in business a long time have a decent radar to detect probably better candidates.  Picking up nonverbal communication is more important than what is said.  Especially when asking critical questions.  Does the speaker speed up or slow down.  How do they conduct themselves in an interview.  Make sure that who you hire makes you comfortable without trying to achieve those ends.  Generally people are not worth hiring if they can their answers like it came out of a newspaper section about how to win the interview game.  Rather people who are honest are often far better candidates than those that tell tall tales.  On the Internet there are a few basic types of prospect employees that should be avoided or atleast exercise extreme caution with:

1.  The marketer type.  These push themselves too much.  It is often an overcompensation.  They forget that they are people first.  Red flags of these people include a need to follow all of the so called rules that experts in the recruitment field wish to push.

2.  The spammer.  These types send out materials to many similar companies hoping to get lucky.  Their lack of research on your field and accomplishments is generally apparent. 

3.  Entry level person.  These green people often feel uncomfortable in the interview process. 


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