Winning The Youtube Game Super Seo Secret

Bookmark and ShareMy sincerest apologies to people who are very successful with YouTube, please keep doing what you do.  Congratulations.  To everyone else this is probably a very profound tactic that is not much talked about. 

The first point that is always told in terms of YouTube success is video content.  If your content is good you will win.  This is not true.  There are many amazing channels creating the best content with the newest equipment and get very few views.  Why is this?  The reason has to do with how google seo cataloging of videos is much different than one might think.  A good example may be a simple google search of a video may face competition with video responses for instance and leave the original content down in the search results.  Instead do google searches on the comments and you will see that the search engine catalogs comments in my opinion far better than any video.  The moral is that if you are good at leaving comments, it may be wise to leave a couple of well placed comments that will drive social traffic both off the video and off the search engine.  You will gain subscribers and much social cred since you are both a YouTube user and video contributor.  People react to this in a big way.  If you play your cards well you will see major favors in your future.  Many people succeed because some other YouTube users prize their content, and social interaction.

(People look to forum comments for real information, not videos, blog posts, or anything else.  This is an undisputed fact.  What are the REAL people thinking.  That is where the truth often lies.)

This three dimensional approach to YouTube is how the greats succeed a hundred percent of the time.  Just do not leave a comment that you may regret later, like lets say a hundred years from now because YouTube comments are cyber tattoos and have your name written all over it.  The feed catching sites will gladly hold your comment in the number 1 google search spot forever.    Then there is nothing you can do.  This post is just my opinion based on doing some research on YouTube comments.  Thank you for reading and have a good day.


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