Why No One Is Talking About The 2011 Silver Crash

Bookmark and ShareThe economic problems have in a large way shifted people's focus toward some kind of crisis both real and also largely imagined.  That has been in the online world to precious metals, prepping and whatever else.  Its all going to end tommorrow.  When we get there things are basically the same.  Just a tad inflation.  The same routine.  Get up, do this or that.  Eat.  Go to sleep.  Travel.  Socialize.  Whatever.  Many early adaptors have been in the game forever for the real merits of owning metal.  Then when the fear market was in full swing from 08 to today the metals market went crazy.  Paper traders loved the hype.  They did what they do best which is make a money when the going is good.  The margin requirements changed.  The market quieted a bit.   Now we will see a return to normalcy and great buying opportunity.  It is the long tail that has been hiding amist the parabolic trend busting bubble that will emerge.  Or so I was told in a dream lol.  Lets take a look more closely at what is happening to gold and silver...

-Google is flooded with silver futures articles that show parabolic charts where silver sky rockets making every kid on earth who owns a silver coin an instant zillionaire.  Try finding any decent charts or expert commentary and the only stuff that exists is pro or anti silver.  It is hard to just get some decent information, or a chart that can tell a story.  This I believe is an information blind spot and a great potential internet market just as an aside. 

- If silver returns to the 10 year fundamental chart before the line went crazy when derivatives started playing the game seriously silver would be a mere 10 dollars today. Think about that for a moment.  Enjoy the crash because when people become disillusioned with a market TRUE opportunity arises for the shiny rock hounds !  After liquedation of paper assets, comes value in the physical market!   This is simple economics.  Inflation is ongoing and the real reason that people are looking to dabble in alternative money.  This is good.  Its a good exercise in real economics and trading.  This is healthy.  People benefit from this.  Metal is one real solution to one real problem.  That is a one to one ratio.  Basically problem solving improves thinking and soon the problem starts to become less of a problem.  So metals are really a gateway to a deeper understanding of physical economics that is alien to people who are only familiar with digital currencies.

-It is ALL a cycle. 

-History repeats itself again and again into infinite.  That is why it is interesting to learn and study.  The history books will tell us more than any person on the tv or the net.  And they are free at the library, or online.

 I have always been a believer that all things are good in moderation.  Life is a mixture and not a one solution event.  Breaking out of doing the same thing every day, thinking the same thing every day is worth more than all of the gold on earth!

Life is a huge picture.  

- For example learning another language may be equal value to a pile of gold coins to the right person. 

The open mind is what it is all about. 

 The world is infinite. 

Wealth is infinite too. 

It is in all things equally.  Balance.  Helps from falling.  Center.  Thinking.  Living.

-Sea shells were once currency as well so maybe collect a few because one day they too will enter a bull market!  In the future there will be a huge demand for seashell brokers!  I just saw that in my crystal ball.

Find new things to learn every day.  Do not get caught up in the nonesense.  Focus on what you need for your own reality.  You are your keeper. 

-I look foreword to purchasing super cheap silver again.  Its great for coin collecting

 -There is a lot of opportunity in the ashes of this hype cycle for every person who was scared off by the huge prices in the metals markets. 

Peace, keep surfing the net for info,live life, always learn from it, keep stackin', keep collecting, keep learning, keep flying, keep livin' and keep it real!      


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