Critical Thinking: Gold Versus A Digital Camera

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We live in a world where there are millions of sales people selling us on the quick fix.  Everyone has paid too much for stuff that we do not need and these things are just cast aside as we move foreword.  We collect clothes, goals, memories, and move through life much like an actor moves about a stage.  It is really hard to see it as that because often times insignificant problems seem so real.  They often blind us from what is really important.

Most people, myself included do not give ideas and action as much value as something that someone else is telling us.  This false merit derails most people from their goals, that are many times extremely simple.  We are often forced to do things, or take on concerns that do not matter. 

The economy, global events, and fear seem to dominate the media because most people who are not doing much tend to focus on negativity surrounding these things.  There is no money in uplifting people is probably the motto of the ad agencies that shape public perception.  I was recently thinking about the gold hype.  Honestly I could care less if gold crashes or goes to the moon.  That really is not that important.  But for hypothetical reasons lets say a person buys a digital camera and invests time in the photography trade.  They gain a residual income, a skill, build a network, etc they may very well be better off than a person who spends all of their money on precious metals hoping what everyone is saying is true.  After all the net celebs telling them to buy gold were chanting the anthem behind an expensive digital camera, riding the wave of fear making money and in the end leaving their audience with the same emptiness that they started with.  Life is what we make it. If we want to be a rich business person, investor, or simply live on a deserted island, what we choose to do with our limited time is more important than all of the gold and jewels in the world that most people slave for. 

The truth is that everything is a 50/50 coin flip.  We want to compartmentalize the world into black and white categories.  Our time is more valuable than spending our lives on someone Else's trip.  Camping out and hoping a bit of gold will make our lives better when its price supposedly will get out of hand.  How many people does there need to be that will someday do what they want before people really revolutionize their lives and just go out and do it, and live it.  The ego is really a waste of our energy, and hopefully we can all find the silver lining and some real truth.  Passions and interests are not enough.  Scratching the surface we often only find the knowledge that was intended for public consumption and not some serious gems of truth. 
Hit the library and really research your goals, and find new ones.  The web is great but books are extremely crucial to life.  I am sure of that.

What are we doing now to move foreword?  What are we doing now to better our life and make this world a better place? 


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