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No Daddy  is an important site to check out if you are considering using Go Daddy.  Pro web people never use Go Daddy unless they are paid to, or they made the mistake.  Keep that in mind.  I just like to look out for my readers.


How To Start A Business Without Money: Start A Business With Your Talent

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There are countless articles on the web about businesses that were started with zero money.  Unfortunately the only business that was created was being a pro writer, actor, web personality or whatever which is really not a true business.  It is true that many times web personalities cross over into the world of business, writers do often start their own publishing companies or whatever but for the most part these get rich quick scam articles and sites do nothing more than promote their products which do not work.  Business differs from making money in the fact that business requires physical capital like money in the form of a loan, bank transfer or whatever that builds a physical infrastructure entity like a restaurant.  For this hypothetical business one must buy the property, build the building unless it comes on site, create the brand slash vibe and have a great website that uses up to date design techniques created by a professional.  All of these things cost money but are worth the money because when solid products are compiled to create the overall business like your future restaurant chain the overhead of lets say a million bucks is absolutely worth it.  After all it is better to take out loans on something that will make money, than do it for junk like a nice car or cool clothes all of which in a years time will be worth nothing.  A business on the other hand brings in money, and real experience that can not be learned in school and is a much better use of time than just existing trying to make a buck on some no money down get rich quick scam.  Of course all of these gurus happened to be million air yuppies that can help you too.  The truth is if they have to prove that they are loaded than they have no money, that is a simple law of the universe.  In these times if people get real and begin a brick and mortar business they will see results.  If they follow all of the idiots in cheap suits and dumb slogans one may go a whole lifetime and not see true success.  Today is your day to embrace if the world of business is right for you.  If not than look to get a solid job that will put bread on the table.  At the end of the day our choices do not really matter but rather are we satisfied with our life.  For people who think a business is everything they want than have at it, if not than no one will judge you so do not let the fake people out there get in your head.  It is all an illusion.


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