Roger Hamilton

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I have just been reading some online resources on business and I came across Roger Hamilton.  He has many interesting things to say like in this video.  Check him out.



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Internet business and anything else is just about getting some more freedom in life.  Money helps.  Time helps.  Moving foreward helps.  A cool site of the day is Escape Artist.  Check it out.


Risks And Rewards Of Internet Business

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I was just reading articles about owning rental property and that business and I began thinking about how online business has risks and rewards as well.  The biggest risk in online business is name destruction.  Many people do stuff online and do not realize that the consequences can be some serious skeletons in the closet.  In life it is beneficial to have as few of these as possible.  The Internet tends to store data like that.  On top of this the online world is basically designed for data mining.  Governments and other people can take advantage of your efforts.  Basically many businesses are like judo.  Someone will lure us in to take advantage of the situation.  This is life and a major risk.  But like owning a commercial real estate property we online own our sites and ideas.  These things can become toxic or a worth while investment of time for a modest to excellent cash flow.  The choice is always up to us to decide are we wasting our time or not?  That is the most important question in the world.


The Zillion Dollar Computer Repair

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It is important if one wants to sustain an online business to be pretty good with computers.  I had a problem pretty recently with a laptop mouse pad freeze.  It is tempting to throw in the towel and run and get a repair.  Luckily I whipped out my Blackberry and came across a great article on the site Web Developers Notes about hitting the FN button and an F button.  Pretty simple.  The light over the touch pad lit up and I was back in business.  Luckily the pad was not damaged from many drink spills like I thought when it froze.  I am just throwing that out there because just a small amount of info more may help someone somewhere.


Help I Am Running Out Of Money

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We live in a crazy world right?  Anyone who flips on the web can get their fill of fear 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This can paralyze people as they accept some kind of cyber collective conscienceness.  Sometimes this is all right.  Being prepared for whatever will happen in life is always better than not being prepared.  But in reality fear is a complete waste of time.  All of these people stocking up on their fear supplies will in the future be burned.  I do not know exactly why.  But you know...there is always more to life and the world than meets the eye.  That is a simple law of the universe.  No matter what happens in the world the fear mongering vampires will always be barking to the same song.  Sure the world is in decline.  We all know this.  But how can we first fix our own lives.  We must first learn to fish ourselves before trying to save the world and teaching others to fish.  If we do not work to our own solution we are effectively just creating more of the collective problem.  It is important in this world to be self sufficient financially, what we do with our time, where we put our talents, etc.  We are all unique.  Never feel pressured to believe that this or that is just how the world works.  People who feed us those ideas are similar to Internet trolls.  Just ignore the pool of bad advice and strange vibes.

It is important to fill one's life with experience.  One of these is just solving our problems.  If we need more of anything, just figuring out how to get that.  Another is just living life.  Most people for instance would be inspired and do more with their life, if they visited places like the grand canyon rather than sitting in front of their computer and eating with their brain repetitive hypothetical garbage.  Nature is simple.  Free.  And, never sells us a thing.  It only gives great things like views, food and hope.  It is important that we unplug from the matrix and when we are plugged to be efficient with our time.  Truly feeding our minds with important stuff like Robert Kiyosaki's wisdom or hope from people like Joel Osteen.

Set skills and goals.  If you want to make money some way surround yourself with people or ideas that work in that direction. 

Get out and experience the world.  There is no rule against making a real plan and doing it.  Break the paralysis today is your day.  Do something different.  Break the rules.  Take a trip.  Actually value your time and your life and you will reap rewards.

Being unemployed is a blessing and a curse.  The economic situation seems to put many people out on the streets who for a long time were employed.  Now they have the time that we entrepreneurs cherish but they dread.  People can waste their whole lives looking for work or they could do the smart thing and develop their skills so even if they do not have a job they can still make money.  There are many people out there that do not have a boss but they get by.  Some live off the land.  Others own a business.  Some are investors.  Others are solo job warriors.  We often think that corporations are the only way.  If we try to strike out on our own we feel alone.  This could not be farther from the truth but if we look to the pseudo communities around us where people are basically slaves to work, taxes, inflation and whatever else the world has given them many unemployed see no other path than education, and employment.  These are not bad paths I guess if you are into that, but there are infinite other ways.  For example a self sufficient person may pay taxes on a property by selling fire wood.  They live cheap and survive, put food on the table, and whatever.  The fact is we have these choices and freedoms at least in my country to choose a path.  Most people do not know what to do with this freedom because they do not even realize that they have it.  But we are free.  The government obviously has a vested interest in keeping people under mind control but really could care less if you and me are free.  We are just different my friends.  That is why you came to read an online business blog because you wanted to learn something.  At the end of the day no one really cares what we do even if they pretend to hate our psychological freedom.  They do not understand this.  We have choices.  We can choose how we approach obstacles.  The Internet is the best resource in the world that I know of.  If one has a problem a good year of solid online research can always solve it in my experience.  Everyone online knew of the economic clasp and they all found great solutions collectively.  If people are not tuned into the positive and fixing wavelength often we attract where our sights go.  If we look for a cure we will find it.  For example Rami Nagel among many others bring to light semi lost information.  Ideas never cure but help.  Ideas create the road that lead to life changes, that lead to a better life.  Suffering is a universal concept so I am not saying that reading some financial book will make one happy but info will always empower.  Educated people are rare, but they are not lemmings.  They do not fall for as many traps, and they are able to rationalize and learn from their mistakes.  They do not just think more work, stress and effort is the solution to their problems.  They try to fix them.  If not they learn to live with them.  See we are always trying our best but inspiration and knowledge are keys to open doors.  Often depth of knowledge is everything.  Honesty is everything.  How honest we are with our selves dictates how truly successful we are in our lives.  Goals are worthless.  Success is worthless.  Stability is worthless.  It is all an illusion.  The mind is more powerful when unlocked than anything.  This is what all ancient books tell us.  The same things.  The sameness and oneness of everything.  It is really crazy.  If you need online resources just check out the tabs on this blog that is generally just a resource with very few articles if any.  That was my plan just to amass ways to make money online.  Because when I started nothing else mattered to me.  I made some money, and you can too.  It is really not very difficult.  If I can get an AdSense or affiliate check, anyone can.  But that is the end of my rant.

Some starting points to making some extra cash:

  Are you interested in photography?  Photography and Internet business are one in the same.  Graphics and online media are everything.  Imagine a world without flickr and YouTube and the zillions of people who 'made it' on those sites.  I can't.  Get some nice equipment and fill your mind with info from blogs like Photopreneur.  I know that there is a lot of competition in the game but with the right knowledge and equipment and some big ideas you can make a living in photography.  Many do who live all over the world.

I always try to find a new online advertising company out there.  My latest find is Puxee.  Tell me what you think.  I usually use adsense but I am always looking for feedback on these links in online advertising and social media that I am always trying to dig up. 

If you are on a different level where your business needs a legit ad agency wikipedia has a great list of them!

Wikipedia has beat me to the punch but still the best way to make money is in social networking.  Check out wiki's great list of social sites. I can never hold a candle to those prose because it would be one person versus the world.  But really that is what is so right with this world the amount of raw and valuable info at our fingers.  Wow is all I can say. 

If you do not know what web 2.0 is check this out.

If you are tired of hearing about Internet marketing but do not know specifics thumb through these wiki articles.

If you are trying to break into Internet business it may help to gloss over wiki's list of computer companies.  Who knows right?

Finally I believe that random knowledge is often the best.  I have open a book or happened upon a YouTube video that provided the right info as if some invisible hand is guiding me.  This may not work for you but it can never hurt to try it right?  For me I may just randomly click an article from a wikipedia list with my eye closed or open up a huge book like the bible and read whatever book that stands out to me.  Just grab the nearest book and try this even if you have already read it.  I also like to read the ending to great books like the Great Gatsby or the Catcher and the Rye or whatever because books and reading lead to wisdom which is everything.  Our minds are computers in this reality Internet very similar to the computers that we access the Internet and start our business with.  What we do with our time and resources is everything.  If in doubt try learning something somehow.  The mind is infinitely vast and powerful.  I am not the only person who has said this or thought it.  I am just repeating what many have said time and time again.


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