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Bookmark and ShareIn the real world Experience is king.  This is often work experience or life experience gained independently of any institution.  Hard work is the only thing that truly is respected.  Can you get things done, at work and in life, or do you struggle?  Getting a life is the ability to survive in the real world.   Usually when people get with the program and become relatively successful they will attract other people and situations that make their life better.  On the surface this is how the laws of material attraction work.  It is the difference between dreaming of a better car and making the money and owning that car or whatever.

It is important in the real world to be balanced so nothing, no person, or idea zaps our time.  Life is short, hardly a moment, so our time is extremely important.  Often people are living other peoples lives , or as slaves no matter how much they justify that.  Can you just up and leave or have you created self inflicted chains of actions, ideas, routines that are getting you nowhere?  All you really have is the moment, and this day.  Remember that no one really cares if you are successful so just be yourself first and foremost.

Many people are often overly reliant on others.  As a result they often spend a lot of money at school.  They may stay at a job waiting for a break, or are always traveling to the end of every rainbow for a pot of gold.  The real question is what can you do with your talents to make money now.  How can you make your breaks with what you have and not what someone else has.  How can you really get to where you need to go, and do what you have to do.

The term the real world often applies to a series of limitations and failures that a person experiences when they step it up and it seems like everyone and everything is against them.  This is when their unobtainable dreams fall apart and they often do what they can.  The real world causes college graduates to move back home to save money, or for married couples to take second jobs so their family has a little more money.

In the real world there is a pyramid of a capital based social status.  There is a very real caste system whether people can admit to that or not.  Often times choices on how we spend our time can impact where we fit into the scheme of things.  For example if a student spends 4 years getting a liberal arts degree and can not get a job at the end, they may have to spend another 4 years doing something more reasonable that will make them money.  This is a sad reality that most people who have any experience in the real world can attest to.

It is important that your mind and reality can mesh.  Often people are distracted by entertainment and will not invest the time to gain skills to make money which will save them time and heartache down the line.  Because in the real world unfortunately on a physical level capital equals more food, better shelter so how we deal with our life choices can ultimately affect how well we survive.

The real shift to succeeding in the real world is to be self reliant.  To create one owns satisfaction.  In the real world there is never vindication or success, there is just time.  Do you feel satisfied with what you are doing?  It is important to bring on new things and for example be just as excited about making some money in a business, getting a few hits on a website, having new experiences or making some new friends.

The people who do best in the real world can groove off of their own journey and appreciate themselves, their family and what they got.  They are also able to grow through failure and gain perspective and as a result they evolve.  Life is right here right now.  Everything is equally important as it is equally irrelevant.

It just is.

And in the real world nothing is free.


Domain India December 6, 2011 at 9:34 PM  

I agree with you. Experience is the king. Everyone know that experience can give more confidence and solving tricks. Good to be here...

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