The Middle Finger Project

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One thing that I have noticed with most people who write a best seller book, or have a high volume traffic blog or whatever is that they tend to be a step ahead of the average person.  Many people may down play this statement and attribute success to luck or whatever.  But in reality there is generally something more whether that be knowlege or someone just not afraid to speak their mind.  Whatever be the case most things in life there is a formula.  For example if one wants to be a pro musician it may help to learn scales, chords, read music and whatever.  One site that seems to have these building blocks firmly in place is The Middle Finger Project.  Most people would have a hard time even getting that title to work, but that is precisely how this site runs.  The pillar of it seems to be the truth which is a decent line of attact in the social media market where smoke and mirrors do not do well when communication is the real currency.  Check it out.


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