How To Make Money Without A Job

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The biggest mistake in life is to cling to any one thing and expect results beyond the norm.  The best analogy is someone who plays the lottery every day and looses, yet still expects to win.  In our lives our time is finite, our resources are limited, and our chances are few.  It is important to pave our own reality.  Often we want something because people tell us, the TV set tells us, and soon we believe to be reality.  This is how many people become overly dependent on jobs, titles, petty power or what have you.  Just throw on a cheap suite, pretend to have money and everything will be OK.  In reality we are all 100 percent unique.  We should embrace our potential and not think in terms of numbers or pleasing others.  If we build character in our life and learn from our mistakes we can often deduct a life way that is more successful.  Whether we are taking out that loan to open a restaurant, or quit our job to travel the world the outcome matters little.  It is important to face our reality and adjust accordingly.  Most people who want a job really want the life change from the hypothetical success of having a career.  I suspect the hard work nulls any feeling of success.  What is a gold watch worth when we have to work hard for it?  The key is obviously avoiding struggle.  These conflicts can happen in our mind, in reality and often tie us up for life.  To that effect we are controlled by money.  Than there are those that run and hide in physical gold and bunkers.   The reality is that balance is more important than any one path.  If we do something and quit it is better than doing it for 20 years than wanting that time back.  That is how it works.


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