Risks And Rewards Of Internet Business

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I was just reading articles about owning rental property and that business and I began thinking about how online business has risks and rewards as well.  The biggest risk in online business is name destruction.  Many people do stuff online and do not realize that the consequences can be some serious skeletons in the closet.  In life it is beneficial to have as few of these as possible.  The Internet tends to store data like that.  On top of this the online world is basically designed for data mining.  Governments and other people can take advantage of your efforts.  Basically many businesses are like judo.  Someone will lure us in to take advantage of the situation.  This is life and a major risk.  But like owning a commercial real estate property we online own our sites and ideas.  These things can become toxic or a worth while investment of time for a modest to excellent cash flow.  The choice is always up to us to decide are we wasting our time or not?  That is the most important question in the world.


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