Own Your Own Ideas

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Ultimately owning your own content is an easy way to generate traffic and success in an online blog, video, social profile or what have you.  It is easier to latch on to other peoples ideas.  But one new idea repeated over and over again in different ways is far better than using someone Else's idea and improving on it.  Sometimes we must hang on another person's franchise to learn the trade.  In an Internet business it may help to write for a local blog as a guest before beginning your own site.  Once the interest is discovered for example you may like to blog about UFOS or conspiracies.  It is then important to build the brand.  Upload comprehensive and original videos.  Write extensive info about the videos as well.  This video and commentary format is the future of media.  People like to read and listen.  Media is a game of the senses.  If you have a UFO site have some real footage of alien space craft.  Your info will generate interest.  That is the development of a niche blog.  Good content in an interesting niche always generates success.  Now you will get to the point of getting 1,000 visitors a month.  Using your intuition at this point it is important to decide whether to go on or quite and try something else.  Life is too short to hang onto failure or something that you are just not that into.  Many online success stories are from people who had been in blogs and social media a long time.  They learn the ropes, and the game.  They hone their interests and skills.  Eventually they reach a critical point where they succeed.  Getting there is not easy.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  The get rich quick thing is a good marketing ploy but has no basis in reality.  The school of life and the world is our laboratory and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  Experience is the best teacher as cliche as that may sound.  Be yourself.  Follow what interests you.  Your dreams and passions will become an amazing reality in the online world.  No economy can hold you back.  No trolls can hurt your feelings.  When you do what you love.  With your friends online and off.  This is your year.  Focus on the positives.  What do you have?  What do you want to learn?  What skills can you master or get better at?  Feel good about yourself and go for it today.  Internet business is the right thing for you.  The slow path to success is both the story of sound ethics and a deep vision.  Dream huge.  You are the next big thing.

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