The State Of Marketing In An Economic Collapse

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In some regards the economy has always been down.  I walk down the street in any major city in my country and I seem to see most people down on their luck.  They seem to do nothing powerless in the grips of a cruel world.  Many people are lost clinging to dreams and delusions in a world that differs greatly from the one that they see in their head.  The game of winners and losers draws folks into patters of working themselves to the brink of exhaustion while shunning family and friends, and watching their whole life pass themselves by in complete denial of the total futility of their efforts.  Some take to the grand injustices of the world, others blame every individual around them, whatever be the case this feeling of strandedness must go behind the curtain for awhile.  Lets just forget about our problems tonight.  The matrix does this.  We often buy into delusions of choice that are extremely bad decisions to the people who possess all seeing knowledge.  This is not what they teach you in school, at church, or on TV.  I am talking about real knowledge.  How finance really works.  Who is really behind the Internet.  What is its real purpose.  Why does the stock market go up and down?  Why do oil prices sometimes go through the roof for no reason?  This world is meant to be confusing.  It is easy to give up hope.  But many times the people who gave up were one gram of knowledge away from the truth that would set them free.  What is this truth?  It differs for ever person.  But usually it is a hard truth that can take years to come to terms with.  It is a simple truth that we often pass by.  It is something that we often roll our eyes when others say it, then decades later realize how far behind we were.  For some the truth may be related to inflation, good debt, gold and silver, religion, etc.  But the deepest truth is letting go of the illusion.  Giving into the moment.  Being happy in the now.  Really reserving judgment.  Gaining knowledge.  Growing.  These deep truths cut beyond the material world.  They are stronger than any portfolio, business, or success.  If we can not face our soul than how can we face the world.

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