Life Is Always Moving On

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What are you doing with your time right now?  Listening to music?  Reading a book?  Working?  Going to school?  Listening to others for advice?  Most people have an answer related to the questions above.  Sometimes it is important to set aside serious time every day for personal development.  This is crucial for success.  This may be as simple as browsing YouTube videos for content that one is not familiar with, or doing research that involves actually reading and interacting with forums rather than just digesting random info, most of which is absolutely meaningless.  This day and this moment we must always take back for ourselves.  It is time to spend time with family, friends, and grow rather than getting sucked into the trance world that exists in our head where we do things very repetitively and cyclically.  This is reinforced by TV and the world around us that really seems not to change for the better.  If we shift our lives we actually enact change on this field.  We must learn how to change what is in us to bring resolve to our problems.  People want to just accept circumstance.  I believe that is insane!

(For some inspiration check out this concert by Broken Social Scene if you are not familiar with their work, listen and think about your life.  That is extremely important.  Feed the moment.)


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