Gold And Silver A Hot Internet Business

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The general online social media world is dominated by big ideas.  When a certain idea takes shape, people repeat the same idea to others who agree with it, aka the 'fan boys' or whatever you want to call them.  One huge meme is on the subject of gold and silver.  Since precious metals are basically considered money a huge business has evolved around their sale.  People have popped up out of the wood work promoting them to hedge against inflation and other problems that we face day to day.  Their slogan is that money is basically worthless.  Society has just not caught on to that fact yet.  I personally have acquired quite a bit of these metals and other valuable things.  But I do not put all of my eggs in that basket.  The reason is extremely simple but true.  If a small number of individuals run the world and controll the markets than there is always a possibility that prices of anything can drop down significantly.  Take for example a fast food hamburger.   If I want one of these base price food items I will pay a set price for an object that is necessary.  Afterall I have to eat, and this unit fits the bill at a maxed out low price under the physical market.  If a burger is just a couple of bucks yet an ounce of gold is in the thousands at the moment any one that compares the actual utility of a burger versus the gold realizes that the burger is of higher value but is significantly cheaper.  When we further investigate the market, food is not horded after the indivdual sale like gold and silver is.  So gold is in an undervalued trend reverse bubble superimposed on an inflationary economic landscape.  I personally as a result do not see it as a sure thing as much as it is a valuable storage of wealth.  I think investing in these metals is cool.  Investing in numismatics is awesome.  And aquiring antiques and collectibles is far superior.  But at the end of the day as we aquire gold and silver it is also important that we strive for other ways to add financial value to ourselves.  Establish ways of getting many different kinds of wealth in so if gold goes back to 20 an ounce, for some unforeseen reason we are prepared in different ways.  I for one invest in fruit trees.  I can eat the food, saving me money.  I invest in water sources, natural resources, and my 'real life.'  For example doing the things that I want to do is far more valuable than collecting a bigger rock pile than my neighbors.  But the most important investment is in our mind, and that has led me to both gold and silver, and beyond.  Lets all get outside the box and not get stuck on only gold and silver.  There has to be something else out there better.  After all a chair can not be held up by one leg.  Best of luck to everyone in 2011, happy hunting for cheap gold, silver and diamonds, and peace.


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