The Kind Of Blogs And Websites That Will Always Do Well

Pursuing one's interests through the online medium is crucial for success.  For instance if one is into metal detecting, documenting finds on YouTube, having a blog log book, selling metal detecting equipment on a website, selling one's finds on eBay, etc are essential parts of building a business.  One can at the same time review books on a blog that one reads, maintain personal journals and vlogs about anything, or even use the online media for debate and dialogue.  It is important to enjoy the people, sites, and services online and even create a few of our own. 
What are some new online tools besides the obvious social media sites like Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, etc?
1.  Video -  Give Zen Coder a look to get those weird video files that you could never get running online to come to life!
2.  Selling Stuff - Klarna may help you with this.
That is about it.  If there is anything else you would like to add, please leave a comment below!
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