Why Is Facebook The Talk Of The Town?

I have a confession to make.  I use youtube alot and facebook never.  So what I say in this article may not make much sense.  If you want to be enertained watch my video below.

Well back to the topic at hand.  Face Book very similarly to most tech companies is embedded into the global industrial complex.  We are led to believe many things about it but at the end of the day face book is more like infrastructure than a social site.  Many people have moved on while others use it more and more.  The latest changes have led many to question if it will rule the web.  I believe similar hype was laid on Twitter.  In reality neither is true.  These sites are important and do have tremendous monopolies on web traffic and attention but I for one never use Face Book.  Because of this I believe web dominance is slightly perceptual.  Moving on if you are like me just into finding out what is new on the web check out Talki a site that lets forums be embeddable which is amazing stuff.  This should help some blogs get more attention. Also if you dig the multi media evolution check out the site Cool Iris.  That is about it.  Hope your day goes well.

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