Opinion About The Twitter Retweet Feature

Twitter seems to be moving a bit away from its instant messaging roots with this one.  Bit Rebels had an interesting article about how the automation aspects of the retweet take away the user generated aspects of the RT.  Outspoken media had a pretty similar article as well.  Going down the search results, all of the major blogs had similar feelings.  I personally have been feeling strange about many of the choices made by social communities.  They all seem to be converging when their original characteristics is what people signed on for.  I have no idea if the backlash is just something people do, than get over it, or a credible opinion.  Who knows.  Twitter is about a community that effectively drives how it is used.  Twitter has redefined how information is spread online.  Without that community many great blogs would remain obscure.  We would have a few less Internet celebrities, and the sky would fall!  Just kidding.  I am personally a believer that the true use of Twitter is in recreation.  It gets the world out, spreads info, but never should be replaced with content creation like videos.  Mashable points out that the normal retweets still can be used.

What is your opinion on all of this?

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