What Are Some Sustainable Practices In Business

Whether you are just trying to make your life and business more green, or your goals are to change the world there are somethings that you must consider.

1.  Think sustainable.  For example replacing bottled water, with filtered water is simple.  Reducing energy output is simple.  Buying equipment that lasts longer is simple.  Creating innovative products is simple.  What could you do today to further improve how your business operates in a sustainable manner.

2.  Fine tune problem areas.  This is something that all people need.

3.  Long term sustainability goals.  It can sometimes be too costly to immediately jump on the band wagon.  More expensive changes can be done gradually to avoid the sticker shock.

4.  Publicly declare ideals.  Get the team on the boat of sustainability.  Mind leads to results always.

5.  Brain storm in the name of sustainability.  Get other people and outside opinions on the matter.

6.  Attend a sustainability conference, take a course, or spend some time with an expert in the field.

7.  Join some kind of sustainable business network.

8.    Become a member of a sustainability council.

9.  Check out the green blogs like MNN.

10.  Think about how you get your energy.  Magnetic motors, and robots that use the force of our rotating earth for energy,  for example are not science fiction.  Think solar my friends.  The sun brings us plants.  Plants have their own solar panels on them.  Also bio diesel is also an option.

11.  Free energy is real.  Do not let people fool you.

12.  Use some frugal living hacks.  People have informatively overcame financial obstacles in their lives.  For example some people hand wash their clothes leaving them much cleaner.  Simple principles like that can be applied to business.  We often are not aware of these things.  I try to improve my life every day.

13.  Never limit yourself to what you think is true.  Most science fiction for example is actually a reality.  The technology has yet to spread.  Below for example is something strange I filmed in the sky.  Who knows what it is.  Few people ever look up with a telescope and believe that those small dots are only stars.  That is how the sustainability world works.  It is vast and limitless.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave a comment.

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