Why Is Everything Impossible

Often when we think of the word impossible, we often forget what these thoughts really mean.  Sometimes we think something to mean something else.  Sometimes when starting a business seems impossible, we really are not doing what we truly love.  Our mind may just be dropping a subtle hint.

So what is possible?

Basically impossibility is a gauge that other people use on you to gain control over your actions.  They generally do not want to see you succeed.  These words may be a badge of future success rather than some kind of trap.  'Do not listen to people.  Money is a trap.'  Are just a few cliches that we must  dissect to realize our dreams.

If we want more money for instance, the real question is what do we really desire?  Comfort, stability, toys, happiness, or whatever.  Fill in the blank with what you want.  But never forget the x factor my friends.  The unknown forces of good that exist and pull together the world that we perceive.  A knowledge of this is vital to business success.

Never listen to others, is one of the best pieces of advice on earth.  People just say stuff.  Learn to listen but not internalize. They may just be contributing to the sound space.  Realize that people who communicate excessively do so to fill some kind of void.  Silence is the best teacher.  This is why the best business plans are hashed up in complete silence.

Ditch your road map.  Face reality.  Get it done.  Find ways to improve yourself this year that you can carry on to the year after that. 

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