Are You A Leader Or A Boss

Simple solutions usually lick complex problems.  Many people fly around the world to realize simple things about their life.  Others do not go anywhere and never face the same set of things.

Business is like that.  Online business is not simple.  Do not get fooled.  If you do not have something to sell, it may help to develop that first.  For example manufacturing bicycle parts in your garage could lead to an online bike part website that you made and maintain.

Business is never simple.  The sheer complexity of the competitive world is astonishing.  Sometimes good manners is not enough.  We are in a world saturated with people wanting to do work that the world has little demand for.  Because of this product development is everything.

Being original, independent, and creating true time honored quality is everything.  Understanding the complex and intricate that customers have with the product and your website is crucial.  What are you doing about it?

Ultimately the things matter.  The consumer has more choices these days.  I can personally find stuff on my computer that is far newer and better than I could find at any store.

I largely go by reviews and brand recognition.  If you are new to the game obviously quality and branding are huge.  Those are literally annoying words that basically mean get it right the first time.  Do not waste people's time.  Do not be foolish.  In online business we all have only one chance.  Reputations are gone with the wind unless we are super respectful of the space, our product, our customers, and the list goes on till the cows come home.

The big word is leadership my friends.  Leaders always do well in business because of their tenacious initiative.  They get it done while the world sleeps.  They are always driving fore ward instinctively and tirelessly.  Are you a leader?

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How Can The Internet Be Used For Competitive Advantage In Business

Can the physical body manifest success?  Often the answer is yes.  Many people neglect this simple fact.  They really push it and end up a wreck.  This is common.

Can success bring healing to the physical body?  The answer is most likely no.  Destiny may be a pretty large thing.  It may be colorful.  But when it happens people notice that there life is not much different, no matter how many diamonds are on their hand, or cars in their garage.

So this is not a yin and yang relationship.  With that said the Internet is great for learning, networking, and making cash.  We can find ourselves here.  It is the Internet that inspires people to do what they would have never done otherwise.  Some grow their hair out.  Others walk across the country.  Having and achieving these lofty goals is really what life is all about.  Do not get carried away with money, or any other promise that is given from the TV or the world.

Is user generated content diminishing over time?  In some ways it is.  People loose interest in the medium.  After the hype is generated from humans, corporations start to take interest in the traffic and people leave.  This is a similar life cycle of most community sites, and social media mediums.  This may even be the cycle for the Internet itself.  That is why bigger personal fortunes were made in the early Internet.  Than as it grew and changed, more people could make less money. 

In the end it all comes back to you.  Who cares about this or that.  What are you all about?  Where are you going.  And how can the Internet take you there?

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