Failure Is Not An Option Principles

1.  Success happens in degrees.  How have you already succeeded online?

2.  What can you do differently to succeed?

3.  Are you working as hard as you need to?

4.  What do you need more of?  Experience?  Expertise?  Access?  Networking?

5.  Who have you attracted that you associate with online?

6.  What can you do to increase your availability to other people?

7.  Are you willing to take the key risk that will get you over the hump?

8.  Are you just a follower of other successful people, or do you set out on your own as an individual?

9.  Do you read self help books, or actively help yourself and your situation?

10.  Is negativity foiling your dreams before you have a chance to even try them?

11.  Are you just wasting your time doing stuff, or doing the exact thing that needs to be done?

12.  Are you willing to accept change in order to be more successful, or do you always go back on old ways?

13.  Do you ever soul search to come up with better uses of your time and energies?

14.  Are you an active and important member of your community, or just a spectator?

15.  Do you try to foster people who do not want to deal with you, or do you utilize the laws of attraction and focus on the people that have naturally come to you?

16.  Are you social?

17.  What can you do to improve your communication skills.

18.  What can you do to make more money.

19.  What can you do to become more wise and knowledgeable?

20.  Are you a generalist or a specialist?

21.  Do you take your profession too seriously?

22.  Do you believe that financial freedom is possible?

23.  Do you want to become famous, stable, happy, or what?

24.  Who is your real family?  Do you spend time and appreciate them?

25.  What is your belief system?  Are you religious?  Do you have strong emotions about any particular topic?

26.  Who are you?  What do you associate with?  What is your identity all about?  How has it changed this past year?

27.  Do you feel being stranded is a universal condition, an idea, a feeling?  Are you willing to physically free yourself?  Are you willing to face your fears?  Are you willing to put the past where it belongs?  Are you honest with your emotions?

28.  Do you compare yourself to other people?

29.  Do you want to change the world, or are satisfied with the way things are?

30.  Do you like your location?

31.  Have you made ample use of the last 3 years or just wasted your time?

32.  Do you use your powers of free will to make things happen?

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