No More Links Please: Socialight And Shoutem

Even though building connections with other people is not my strongest thread, it should be yours. To help check out the app related sites Socialight and Shoutem. Give me the low down my friends(In the comment section)! That would be great.

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The Link Marathon: Heyzap, Eye Fi And Other Stuff!

The world turns and I forgot to pay attention to what has happened! Technology is amazing. I am totally stuck in 2008 lol.

Let us take a look at some late breaking developments:

Eye Fi looks like an SD card that brings WI Fi capabilities to our cameras. This is very useful because my video camera has a drive. So basically I could edit stuff directly to the web and bring in other things off the web. This is really what the future should look like! I will be playing Heyzap until my laziness subsides and I order one! I wonder where technology will take us? Do you have a Hunch?

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Why Adcause

We all dreamed of the day that the online advertising gap will close up. That day has not come, but we are getting there.

New in the world of Twitter conscience advertising is Adcause.

The benefit of Adcause over other Twitter advertising companies is that it allows the busy online professional to also save the world from their chair. This is really the best of all worlds.

Adcause even lets people suggest organizations. This user gen aspect of the company is so money. So check it out and tell us what you think.

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2010 Link Day: Wix And Total Apps

I have realized that many of my posts have not been overly useful lately. And I set out on this blog, to finally create a site that people can learn something from. The essence of the web is other websites. It is hard to understand that if we spend all of our time on youtube. But that is exactly what I have been doing lately, so my blogging has been missing in action. This post will hopefully lead some people down some cool trails on the interwebs.

The first site that I cam across is Wix. This is a great service that helps people do stuff on flash pages. Wix just seems very useful for people who care about the looks which are really important.

Total Apps is anouther cool site about applications. This is important because now days everyone is talking about how apps are the future. Sprawled across every paper and magazine is app this and that. This is important info my friends to understand where this online matrix virtual reality is taking us next.

That is about it. Report back to me your thoughts on those links, and have a good day!

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I Have Lost All Interest In Twitter! What Should I Do?

Is Twitter all the rage my friends? I honestly do not know any more because I hardly ever use it. I have given up texting, messaging, and anything else that resembles real communication. Why? I just need time for other things.

So how can I redeem such a negative blog post by marketing standards? Who knows lol. But check out ADLY if you are interested in making money on Twitter. Adly is in tweet advertising similar to many other services.

If your Twitter account is used more personally with people than you may want to think Twice about this. It may be less intrusive to get a sponsored link in your description if you really need that.

I have been thinking long and hard about the whole selling out think online. But I have come to one conclusion. Even the hottest youtube or twitter commidity of the moment will eventually fade. If your powers can make you decent money now why not take it!

On the other hand you may loose visitors because of this. But I am no purist. I try to put advertising on everything. Why? Because the best type of money is here and now.

But all to their own. Tell me how your day is going in the comment section.

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The Real Crazy Challenges When Setting Up A Business

Businesses tend to always go under. Do not ask me why. We must turn that fear into a constructive energy that goes right to the point of energy. Here we will unlock the money quickly and effectively.

People tend to give up on successful ventures. Take a musician for example. They love music up until the point where they get good. It is then that their craft becomes boring.

This is the hump we must all get out of. The cage that we must all pick the lock on. This my friends is the ultimate caveat.

There are people who put up one video on YouTube and get millions of hits. No questions asked. There are others who put up ten a day their entire lives and never get over 3 hits a piece. Where is the justice here my friends?

Then there are those that go for their calling. They become noble and do well. They were shaky in the beginning but in the end were pros.

Leave a comment with your best business tips that you can give us!

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