The 10 Real Pillars Of Success

1. Always look to successful people, and not the experts. Successful people do not need a title, or associations. Experts are really constructed and not made. Look to real things to achieve your goals, the world around you, travel, and action.

2. Keep it all in prospective. Do not get trapped chasing an idea that you will just do till you get to the end. If things clearly seem pointless move out and away.

3. The time is now. If you want to move to California for instance, do it right this moment. Now is always the best time. Planning and thinking about the future is pointless. Time is not forever. Get out there.

4. Have your own ideas, actions, and goals. Do not let others dictate that stuff to you.

5. Make a major change today. Find the thing that would have the biggest impact on your life and do it. Take that trip. Who cares. Success does not wait for anyone. And no matter what the world always spins and ultimatly no one cares. So do not listen to the life pressures forcing you into the norms of success.

6. Never set monetary goals. This is what many people do and is extremely pointless. Accomplish real and satisfying things and the money and acknowlegements will follow.

7. Things change. Get over it. It is not where things are going that is important, but rather where you are going, what you are doing and ultimately how you feel about the big picture. Your life is important to you. Never forget that. If you are stranded, do not look externally. Face life, smell the coffee, wake up and make changes.

8. The economy will never get good. Never wait for something to happen. If you want to go to Africa just do it now. The losses are an illusion. Never cling to the vestiges of anything.

9. There will always be problems with everything. We live in a broken world. Do not internalize it or the sick people or you will just go down with them. Get away, rise above and win.

10. You are who you are and no one else. It is all in you. No one is better really. Be it.

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