Blogging For And About Keywords?

Search engine traffic on specific keywords is cool. There is a tendency for google to emphasize sites that play within the realm of their suggested key phrases. Great content is necessary also when the spider evaluates the site. Video content is important, and more specifically targeted sequencing of high quality content.

Getting keyword traffic will not help adsense if the keywords do not pay out well. Also many bloggers do well on seemingly irrelevant keywords. They may bring good traffic, but not much more.

Taking good domains out for the long term can improve key word success. For example if I have a domain and a blog that does well out of the box for 10 general keywords, and 8 specific I may lock it down for many years and this could tag on even more keywords and traffic.

Keywords always comes back to content. If what you do is somehow not conducive to the collection of information by search engines, your site may not have any keywords. But sites can still do well in aggregators, so do not take keywords too seriously.

But build great sites. Yes focus on one blog, but build many and experiment. Trial and error, and playing it by ear will improve your ability to nail important keywords, have more successful blogs, and ultimately make more money.

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Building On A Dream

I want to be a movie star. I want to be this. I want to be that. These are common feelings that people have. Occasionally dreams happen. More often lifestyles are engineered. Commonly people are working jobs that they know in their heart will not deliver even a retirement. But we work for food, clothing, shelter, legitimacy, or whatever. But our dreams can still happen. Think about this:

The Blueprint For Gaining An Online Edge:

1. Get a video camera in a store or online.

2. Get some simple video editing software

3. Start making videos for youtube

4. Create a blogger blog

5. Set up social profiles

6. Learn skills through the web and follow interests

If most people follow a similar plan, over time they will gain access to their dreams. Sales funnels, social proof, or whatever it takes all can be gained from time, patience, experience, product quality, will, heart, dedication, and a positive attitude.

Find something that you are obsessed with. Odds are other people are too. This is a strong market for gaining traffic to videos and websites.

Find a market on a product or service that people really need. Use the essential route to leverage money in a well positioned online business.

Dream a dream and make it happen using the internet, social sites, video and blogging. Living the dream will make it happen sooner or later. Be patient, grow and do it.

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