Is Your Blog Notable?

Many people just try to win awards. But in reality a small amount of excellent blog content is worth much more than billions of pages of failed content. There is a reason that certain blogs draw people again and again.

Do not know where to start? Make a blog about yourself. Record your surroundings. Get comfortable in the blogging medium.

Then move into niche blogs suited to your interest. One great niche blog is worth more than a million failed ones.

Blogging is about quality and focus. Many bloggers say it can take years to really know how to knock one out of the park. Others say it is best to get everything right the first time.

Is it worth investing money into blogs? Yes and no. I love word press and specialized blogs, but the bells and whistles are not necessary. The medium is a tool and not the end all.

In the online web though blogs can bring hits to YouTube videos, or gain people twitter followers. Blogs brings all of the links together and drive traffic from search engines to the words and media. Blogs are magical in their own way. They are a world on their own. There has been a shift from blogging recently. But blog power is real and when we know it, we know zen.

It is all about now, here and what we have to say or offer.

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