Leaving A Message On Someone Else's Blog, Message Board, Video, Etc...

A major aspect of online business is the volley of communication. It is a delicate dance between participating and being overbearing. We know we should probably be leaving messages below those videos, blog posts and other things in social media. But we must remember:

1. That our messages may be there a long time

2. Our ability to destroy our relationship with that person and others

Some of the most common communication between people on the internet includes:

A. Not leaving any message at all - This may not seem like a tool but it is really good. Basically we let our relationships develop with other people. If we are busy creating content why waste time leaving comments when our content is not up. Also why take the risk with many people that will basically reject our desire to connect.

B. A general greeting - A professional verson of the hi, hows it going can be a great opener. For the people who do not want to reply back kinda know that the greeting was really not meant to communicate. And for the others this may generate interest so they will come onto our soil and open up a dialogue.

C. A customized greeting - Customizing a greeting shows people that we the reader, or fan have taken the time to go through their content. This will increase the odds for interaction. It is important not to get over zealous and allow the relationship and connection to sink in. I am a firm believer that time is what grows the best connections and not going crazy in someone elses comment area.

D. An off center greeting - This is designed to get the person's attention. For example if you are trying to get a legendary blogger or youtuber to acknowlege you on a personal level then you need to do something to seperate your message from the thousand other messages that they get on a day to day basis. This is a fundemental life skill where you try to put yourself in their shoes. Really it is important to humor or amuse them in some way and show that you do not take things too seriously. If you are good at this skill they will always take the bait. If not than it may be a one in ten scenerio.

E. A smiley face - This is becomming increasingly common. People want their emotion and presence known but feel it is a bit over the top to try to communicate out of the gate. When doing this know your audience.

F. Tell us what kind of messages you leave other people.

To conclude, online communication is an important skill to learn and develop. If you build an audience and continually interact you are ahead of the game. Do not turn your business into anouther annoying product placement channel that will just get blocked by millions of annoyed people.


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