Dealing With External Powers

We all have the power to engineer a perfect life. To get the exact things we need online for instance. Food, water, and shelter...

But no matter who we are, the imposition of outside powers and forces often gives us a hard run to our goals. Sometimes it is best to avoid things and situations that are against us. Then we can convert our energy to where we can succeed and find social mobility and financial freedom.

Internet business is great for people who do not live in an economic rich area, or do not have serious time to start a physical business. The Internet can generate wealth and freedom.

Just be careful of the most common mistakes people make online:

1. Reputation - It is very common for people to feel anonymous online and forget that the world is watching. Let the stuff come your way and give people the freedom to interact. I am sick of getting emails along the line of 'check out my site,' or 'check out my videos.' 100% of the time I do not. And I know that these people generally produce a lower quality product that does not spread across the web too well. Be modest and let your content and positive generosity speak for itself. Do not come after people with the product you are selling.

2. Negativity - Online there are many people trying to bring you down. That is a simple fact. There are people who make huge incomes as trolls. It is easy to feel down when being psychologically harassed by these people. They may sometimes tell the truth. But just block them out and keep sending out the content. If it is too hard just quit.

3. Time - An Internet business like any other does take some time. It is easy to get caught up in those people who quickly succeed. That is generally not the norm. Time and learning are the key. Get a game plan. Set realistic goals like getting a hundred thousand views on YouTube or one hundred dollars a day with AdSense. Then do and learn from your mistakes and not what some other person tells you. And if you do not feel comfortable sacrificing your valuable time on the net quit right now.

4. Energy - People who work day in and out on the net get tired. It is easy to think that a sit down job would be easy. It is not. Most people who are successful online lead very imbalanced lives. Many bloggers have quit and made major career changes. Basically they said this is it. Imagine leaving a successful enterprise like that.

5. Realistic Goals - We all instinctively know what we can do. Unfortunately online it is easy to compare ourselves to others. This is a trap. Be yourself. Follow your interests wherever they may lead. Do not always just chase hype.

6. The Leg Work - If you want to do well producing content you may have to go out into the world with a camera. If you review products you will have to initially buy them. If you are into filming and street interviews you will need to cut a lot of film and produce well made videos. Online work can be physical.

There are many more things I want to say but please play to win. Be the best. Be ethical. Be good. You are a real champion.

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What Does Desperation Really Mean

Many people who loose their jobs, or do not make as much money as they want on an online business often become desperate. This is only a natural feeling of percieved helplessness. In reality they just sacrificed their time into activities that are not as fruitful as we percieve them. In the internet business it is often the wrong ideas that get people into this corner. In the job market it is usually a heavy reliance on the job and hence the actions of other people. Our real power comes from ourselves to make truely independent decisions. It does not matter what other people tell you, even if that person makes 6 figures working a minute a year. It does not matter what family that person is from or their story. We all live our own lives. Take our own risk. And travel our own road. If we have an obstacle on our road, instead of getting mad at the obstacle it is better to take a different road and direction. Take yourself to the happiest time in your life and try to bring that feeling back. Because success is meaningless with happiness and a positive but real attitude. Keeping it real with our situation and facing our reality is key. It is important to not get caught up in what the tv or society tells us. We must all sail our own ship. Escaping impossible situations will make a hero out of anyone.

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