What Could You Be Doing Now To Solve Your Problems

Internet business is a part of life, but what about that other part. What void do you need filling? What are your real dreams honestly? What country do you want to live in? What impact do you want to make on humanity? What values do you hold? What are you really after? Is doing stuff a distraction from that real thing that you want? Because it is probably instantly obtainable if you want to do it. For example if you today want to lie on the beaches of mexico, leave right now. Do not try to save money. Do not make excuses. Life is short and in this moment you are at your true peak. If you satisfy that one urge, then the next, you will open up the world that you never thought was possible. Then your internet business will be just an amusing hobby that makes you money while the world spins around and people rush to the next thing. Life is a vacation if you make it that. Life is work if you make it that. Do not work too hard. And send me a post card.

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