What The Blogger FTP Situation Means Philosophically

To be honest the term FTP when applied to blogger domains is way over my head. But I suspect in simple terms it is a way that people could use blogger with their own domain that is not on the one company that has an agreement with google for custom domains. Shutting down FTP in their own words to do more work on issues that effect all publishers. As they point out most publishers just use blog spot. This is probably the easiest and most rational way to leverage the blogging medium, worry free, no charge and for the life of the enterprise. This is the easy button like using YouTube for the great features and well established audience. The blogosphere is its own social site and allows people to produce their own pages and in blogger there is little barrier to becoming the next world champion blogger. But I have been sensing this all along with blogger and some day I suspect It will resemble YouTube more than blogger as we see with the improved feature bar at the top, improved social widgets, etc. This whole easy button one click game is what it is all about. After all the world is full of talents and special interests from UFOs to dancing. These people need to succeed online fast, easy and free. They need a blog to incorporate and increase traffic to their embeddable content like YouTube videos or flickr pictures. They need this blog to leverage content through sites like digg, and mixx to get a boost. I understand but I suspect in the end even the regular domains may eventually be looked at though many would disagree with me because of the domain market. But Google is not yet a true public domain seller that I am aware of so who knows. From my point of view domains are a great way to win the web but to 99% of the people who buy them are merely throwing their money away. It is easier to win the blog spot then redirect to the new domain in the final post than purchasing a domain and a few weeks later realize that it is boring to keep up. Many niche blog marketers would think that my rational is crazy but I love the blog spot domains and my sites that have posts from 4 years ago and counting. These sites stay live no matter where life takes me. And I can always come back at my leisure. And did I mention they can make money too lol? Kidding aside that is my opinion and feelings. Tell me what you think about blogger's move of taking the FTP game away from those that groove in it? Is this the end of hand made websites? Tell me what you think in the comments section below this post! Thank you for reading.


Business And Life Is In Your Head

The head and hands are the most powerful tools in bringing life to us. Sometimes what we need is where the subconscious mind leads us. All that we need are the hands, body and mind. And when we free ourselves from the noise of what the world's expectations and follow happiness, only then are we free. This can be applied to business. Generally if it does not do well quickly, or the mind body spirit is not into it the business will fail quickly. On the other hand the soul always will lead the body into situations, people, and things that are necessary. For instance if someone has less access to the Internet it may help to look to the outside world or vice versa if one has really good equipment. There are billions who waste cash on computer stuff when they could have just spent that cash traveling where they would have found a real billion dollar golden nugget. That is how life works. It all comes back to conscienceness and being real with oneself, thoughts and those promises that we all made to our self and continue to make. When we expect those promises to work that is when the world opens up in a big way.

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