When The Laws Of Attraction Fail

We live in a strange world of connectedness. In the matrix we work and try to survive. What is it money, food, shelter, precious metals what are you after? The laws of attraction will get you there if what you are doing is truly your dream. If not you will get derailed. Adapt to the future, look within your mind and soul and not out on the none sense circuit of this person or that. It does not matter. Your mind and body create your destiny. Hit those keys, upload pictures and videos, and organize. Try different things. Enjoy the WORK. It is fun. It is rewarding. The laws of attraction will bring you new topics to cover online in your blogs and videos. Shed off your metaphysical skin like a snake. Try to make sense of the world and unlock the secrets of the world through sacred occult knowledge. Blog in the candle light and be thankful for being alive. Find happiness in this line of work. If not then move on. The laws of attraction will meet you on whatever road you run especially when the stars line up. Especially when you choose what you really meant to do. Things and people will come your way. Your energy will be light fluffy and happy. The world will not concern you because you found yourself. You will then transfer this good and happiness to help others around you. This is where the laws of attraction meet up with paying it foreword.

Geometric laws, religion, spirituality, beliefs, science and any other dogma seem to mesh together and all have great answers. This illusion we call life comes with failure and success regardless of how hard we try. But ultimately many people are stranded. They wanted to start an Internet business and are spinning their wheels. Does that mean that the dot com life is impossible? Nope. The Internet is getting better every day. Blogging and the media sites online are where people now turn to like they once did books. Reality is quickly being replaced by the Internet. After all it is all just movement, vibrations that we detect with our perception. In these virtual reality worlds we often may loose ourselves but I must always stress the importance of the net and it as the future. Money after all is not worth anything compared to millions of followers and friends on YouTube that is a fact. Material of the world does not purchase the value of souls connecting even if it is through this strange computerized interface. Lets face it we need info about now to grow and we need outlets to constantly lay out content, allow others to scrutinize it and repeat. In the end we must all remember how important the Internet is to all that use it and how grateful we are to have it in our lives.

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