Will The Recession Ever End?

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The Internet is full of people spreading fear and disinformation about the recession.  It is easy to get caught up in the fear mongering and never leave our shell.  Fear can drive us into our homes, and truly believe the only solution is to save money, buy gold or whatever.  The truth be told all the solution gimmicks that people online offer are pure scams.  We all have the same ability to succeed in our dreams during a recession or during a boom.  Interestingly the inherent risk in funding a major real business operation does not change during these times.  In fact if we are smart and do not follow the herds of people who listen to the mainstream media and talking heads what we see in front of us is the materialization of an extremely bright future.  For example I made more money this summer treasure hunting than I ever did in any summer doing anything else.  My treasure hunting equipment was purchased using cash that I made online.  If I had just listened to the news and believed the sky was falling eventually that would have happened.  Now all of the people who used to harass me to get a job, are scratching their heads as the so called WORK or more aptly titled SLAVERY has dried up.  For me I tend to throw up huge risks for big rewards.  For example if I beach comb an island for shells and sea glass where the ferry costs a thousand bucks, most likely what I find out there will far surpass what I would find on a crowded tourist beach where billions of people loot anything that is valuable.  This is very similar to online business.  For example people who pioneer new territory and do not walk down the same paths as others make more money.  I do not spend much time on the net any more but still enjoy its amazing residuals.  It is kind of like a gift that follows me in life.  I am very thankful for it.


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