Domain Theft

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99 percent of the web domain companies out there basically sucker people into buying a domain.  They site the branding aspects of having one's own domain name.  People desperately want their own place online so they quickly fill in a few fields and are done.  After the site becomes mildly successful the domain is usually taken by company B that is actually owned by the domain company.  This creates a harder line to trace and limits liability and exposure to company A.  The truth is it may be helpful to get a team of lawyers, and IT people to tie up your domain if you feel it and your blog slash site or whatever is going to be a hit.  Learn the laws as well.  Under common law domain theft is completely illegal, yet under corporate law it is basically legal.  Going the extra mile can ensure that your business becomes something, instead of being the story of how you created a great blog that got stolen right when it really went viral online.  If you do get a domain stolen it is important to put your foot down and write up who stole it in forums, on websites, and even create a blog dedicated to the shady activity.  At least you could help other people know which corporations are to blame.  We are here to start vibrant online businesses and not contribute to the casino where the person behind the curtain makes millions while everyone else basically fails.  I believe domain theft is a major factor that has driven most budding bloggers, and webmasters back to social media, because after all YouTube can suspend an account but they cannot really make your name or brand disappear, because you are who you are.  There will always be a network for you.  For further reading check out Domain Theft Dot Org and Prevent Domain Theft Dot Com.  If you have been a victim of the domain steal game that is rampant online than please leave a comment and educate the readers of this blog about your experience!


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