Following The Online Ad Revenue Curve

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Many people are betting on increases in online ad revenue to get them through the times.  But what most people do not know is that if we adjust the online revenue to its recipients, inflation and a host of other factors that all in all online advertising is not doing so well.  There are some markets that are increasing and obviously are worth any one's time but do not expect online advertising to be as strong as it was.  It is easy to point to the decline in print medium advertising, but certain things are still well suited to printed paper including local businesses, events, and other things as well.  It is important to realize that all hype is just that.  At the end of the day we need dollars and cents in our bucket or we are wasting our time.  Just always try to avoid doing something because everyone else is doing it.  Find your niche and rock it.


The Instructor Said Go Home And Write A Page Tonight

 When in school, or at work we are often told what to do.  First we are introduced to the topic.  We set out on specific tasks.  Along the way we pick up skills and gain experience.  The title to this post is a typical cadence that many people have when blogging.  They write just to write.  They upload a video just to see it live.  Where are the goals and the game plans my friends?  When we are free to do as we like, it is essential to do as we please.
If your interests today is cars, than start a car blog now.  If tomorrow your interest is growing citrus trees than begin a Vlog documentary of what you are doing.  The social online medium is largely a documentation of our lives and hardly ever works when people are forced to work at something.  The world changes radically every moment but we are all unique.  That is the medicine that we must all tap.  That which makes us special and like no other person on earth.
Do not wait to put content  up.  I personally believe we must all focus on the content and not the hits or the most appropriate order.  People put up YouTube accounts for instance.  They are on every day as a viewer but hardly put up a couple of videos a year.  If you are trying to get into the partner program for instance it may help to have two separate channels.  One where you put up your master work occasionally and wait for the views and another channel where you document completely your day and interests.  And you will find that the channel B where you just relax and enjoy the process will bring the strongest social media personal presence which is ultimately what life is all about.  Worry about people.  Be kind.  Let them speak.  Listen.  And be appreciative.  Reputation is an easy thing to not care about.  But it is a hard thing to build.  Think of it as a slow brick by brick process.  Focus on the content and be responsive rather than trying to engage other people.  That way you will get those who want to know you.  This is the groove of social branding.  The rest is the details.  Important stuff?
What are the newest online business secrets of the week?
1.  Improving the bottom line -  Check out the website Watch Mouse.
2.  Increasing organization and efficiency - Try Tungle.
3.  Leave a comment with your tip of the day!
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The Kind Of Blogs And Websites That Will Always Do Well

Pursuing one's interests through the online medium is crucial for success.  For instance if one is into metal detecting, documenting finds on YouTube, having a blog log book, selling metal detecting equipment on a website, selling one's finds on eBay, etc are essential parts of building a business.  One can at the same time review books on a blog that one reads, maintain personal journals and vlogs about anything, or even use the online media for debate and dialogue.  It is important to enjoy the people, sites, and services online and even create a few of our own. 
What are some new online tools besides the obvious social media sites like Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, etc?
1.  Video -  Give Zen Coder a look to get those weird video files that you could never get running online to come to life!
2.  Selling Stuff - Klarna may help you with this.
That is about it.  If there is anything else you would like to add, please leave a comment below!
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