Money Is Not An Economic Resource Because

Money is largely imaginary.  In my country money amounts to the exchange of debt.  These bank created notes are basically paper that we all agreed could be exchanged for something else.  Real things on the other hand hold real value.  As money inflates, or is devalued an economy tends to lean towards things that really work like resources.  For example a tree can turn into wood.  The wood can be turned into a house.   Therefore this tree is incredibly useful.  Also the tree may produce nuts that can be eaten.  We often for example lay claim to these nut trees through property rights.  People who are rich in these resources ascribe large amounts of wealth.  For example land with an oil well can make someone more wealth, than can a person who works in a corporation for money.  Though this principle is not always true, sometimes hard work can out produce ascribed wealth, generally the laws of economics are with resource rich peoples and countries.

Many of these same economic laws can be applied to the online space.  For example if a blogger is able to control a niche they are economically rewarded.  They are able to amass more resources than a person with a website that gets 30 hits a day.

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