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The web has really changed from the 90s. New people, ideas, and websites have revolutionized how humanity views reality, itself. People have used the web in profound ways. Time is spent. Some people have a constant legacy. They keep up a post a day on their blogs or whatever. Others log in, and a few years later are gone never to be heard from again. I believe it is important that we all meditate on how we spent the last few minutes, days, years, decades or whatever. Reflecting can be a healthy and energizing experience. In some ways for me the 90s seems similar to today. What has changed is my interests and my ability to know myself a little better. These days I live with a bit more urgency to see a variety of goals and objectives that could easily be forgotten. For example this week I am going to try new things. The whole point is to better my life and understanding of what I want to do with it. At the end of the day life is what it is and life is quite short. It is important that today we do what we really need, and really want because the moment is all that is ours. If you are looking for something new online, check out the site The Web Blend.

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