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The web has really changed from the 90s. New people, ideas, and websites have revolutionized how humanity views reality, itself. People have used the web in profound ways. Time is spent. Some people have a constant legacy. They keep up a post a day on their blogs or whatever. Others log in, and a few years later are gone never to be heard from again. I believe it is important that we all meditate on how we spent the last few minutes, days, years, decades or whatever. Reflecting can be a healthy and energizing experience. In some ways for me the 90s seems similar to today. What has changed is my interests and my ability to know myself a little better. These days I live with a bit more urgency to see a variety of goals and objectives that could easily be forgotten. For example this week I am going to try new things. The whole point is to better my life and understanding of what I want to do with it. At the end of the day life is what it is and life is quite short. It is important that today we do what we really need, and really want because the moment is all that is ours. If you are looking for something new online, check out the site The Web Blend.

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Why Is Facebook The Talk Of The Town?

I have a confession to make.  I use youtube alot and facebook never.  So what I say in this article may not make much sense.  If you want to be enertained watch my video below.

Well back to the topic at hand.  Face Book very similarly to most tech companies is embedded into the global industrial complex.  We are led to believe many things about it but at the end of the day face book is more like infrastructure than a social site.  Many people have moved on while others use it more and more.  The latest changes have led many to question if it will rule the web.  I believe similar hype was laid on Twitter.  In reality neither is true.  These sites are important and do have tremendous monopolies on web traffic and attention but I for one never use Face Book.  Because of this I believe web dominance is slightly perceptual.  Moving on if you are like me just into finding out what is new on the web check out Talki a site that lets forums be embeddable which is amazing stuff.  This should help some blogs get more attention. Also if you dig the multi media evolution check out the site Cool Iris.  That is about it.  Hope your day goes well.

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How To Reach The Highest Potential Energy Of Life And Business

First sort out things that are impossible, impractical, irrelevant, or just strange.  The mind likes to attach to what we can not have.  Sometimes people spend their whole lives following these images, concepts, and ideas.

The real idea is to plant the seeds for your success.  This may include research and knowledge.  This way you know that you are doing the right thing.  This is what you really want, but also the right direction.

Do it today.  Gain your skills.  Get it together for success now.

Decrease conflict.  This may come from doing stuff repeatedly and realizing that we should be doing other things.  Doing what is right will subside the inner conflict.

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Opinion About The Twitter Retweet Feature

Twitter seems to be moving a bit away from its instant messaging roots with this one.  Bit Rebels had an interesting article about how the automation aspects of the retweet take away the user generated aspects of the RT.  Outspoken media had a pretty similar article as well.  Going down the search results, all of the major blogs had similar feelings.  I personally have been feeling strange about many of the choices made by social communities.  They all seem to be converging when their original characteristics is what people signed on for.  I have no idea if the backlash is just something people do, than get over it, or a credible opinion.  Who knows.  Twitter is about a community that effectively drives how it is used.  Twitter has redefined how information is spread online.  Without that community many great blogs would remain obscure.  We would have a few less Internet celebrities, and the sky would fall!  Just kidding.  I am personally a believer that the true use of Twitter is in recreation.  It gets the world out, spreads info, but never should be replaced with content creation like videos.  Mashable points out that the normal retweets still can be used.

What is your opinion on all of this?

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Expanding Your Business

We live in a world where people feel looking good on paper is everything.  Unfortunately when customer, and partner testimonials carry more weight that packaging most people can see why expansion should never be high on the list of things to do.  It is important to find a best practice, where the good or service has a consistent ear mark of quality.  Business must focus on the warehouse level, product development, then create another division to focus on the customer and support.  We must avoid, especially online the quick and easy way to tapping search energy.  Because desperation will be recorded forever.  Stay steady, and keep the people that you have.  They are the most important.  Expansion is an option when demand moves beyond the threshold of normal operations.  This will keep business costs low, and save a lot of wasted time.

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Solar Power For Your Online Business

Anyone who works a lot online knows the energy needs are great.  For example I often leave my computer on all day and continually work on it.  One solution would be simply to live in an apartment with wi fi and utilities included.  But for the many people who live in homes, apartments or any where else where they need to foot the bill, reducing energy costs is crucial.  Solar power is one solution worth considering.  Solar power is very popular with many start ups out on the west coast, where the desert sun gives people an amazing amount of energy.  Generally the power is stored in some kind of grounded battery or is given over to the utility company for x amount of dollars.  But many people just have small portable panels just good enough to keep the computer powered.  They can work with all of the lights off.  This is really a generator grade system, where people just need some ready energy.  One issue with energy is getting a constant flow.  For example some computers crash without total energy saturation.  While others do well where the grid is not as powerful.

Some solar companies that I found on Google:

1.  Solar Power Inc.
2.  Solar Sphere

Do your own research and product testing than leave a comment about it.

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Money Is Not An Economic Resource Because

Money is largely imaginary.  In my country money amounts to the exchange of debt.  These bank created notes are basically paper that we all agreed could be exchanged for something else.  Real things on the other hand hold real value.  As money inflates, or is devalued an economy tends to lean towards things that really work like resources.  For example a tree can turn into wood.  The wood can be turned into a house.   Therefore this tree is incredibly useful.  Also the tree may produce nuts that can be eaten.  We often for example lay claim to these nut trees through property rights.  People who are rich in these resources ascribe large amounts of wealth.  For example land with an oil well can make someone more wealth, than can a person who works in a corporation for money.  Though this principle is not always true, sometimes hard work can out produce ascribed wealth, generally the laws of economics are with resource rich peoples and countries.

Many of these same economic laws can be applied to the online space.  For example if a blogger is able to control a niche they are economically rewarded.  They are able to amass more resources than a person with a website that gets 30 hits a day.

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What Are Some Sustainable Practices In Business

Whether you are just trying to make your life and business more green, or your goals are to change the world there are somethings that you must consider.

1.  Think sustainable.  For example replacing bottled water, with filtered water is simple.  Reducing energy output is simple.  Buying equipment that lasts longer is simple.  Creating innovative products is simple.  What could you do today to further improve how your business operates in a sustainable manner.

2.  Fine tune problem areas.  This is something that all people need.

3.  Long term sustainability goals.  It can sometimes be too costly to immediately jump on the band wagon.  More expensive changes can be done gradually to avoid the sticker shock.

4.  Publicly declare ideals.  Get the team on the boat of sustainability.  Mind leads to results always.

5.  Brain storm in the name of sustainability.  Get other people and outside opinions on the matter.

6.  Attend a sustainability conference, take a course, or spend some time with an expert in the field.

7.  Join some kind of sustainable business network.

8.    Become a member of a sustainability council.

9.  Check out the green blogs like MNN.

10.  Think about how you get your energy.  Magnetic motors, and robots that use the force of our rotating earth for energy,  for example are not science fiction.  Think solar my friends.  The sun brings us plants.  Plants have their own solar panels on them.  Also bio diesel is also an option.

11.  Free energy is real.  Do not let people fool you.

12.  Use some frugal living hacks.  People have informatively overcame financial obstacles in their lives.  For example some people hand wash their clothes leaving them much cleaner.  Simple principles like that can be applied to business.  We often are not aware of these things.  I try to improve my life every day.

13.  Never limit yourself to what you think is true.  Most science fiction for example is actually a reality.  The technology has yet to spread.  Below for example is something strange I filmed in the sky.  Who knows what it is.  Few people ever look up with a telescope and believe that those small dots are only stars.  That is how the sustainability world works.  It is vast and limitless.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave a comment.

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Why Is Everything Impossible

Often when we think of the word impossible, we often forget what these thoughts really mean.  Sometimes we think something to mean something else.  Sometimes when starting a business seems impossible, we really are not doing what we truly love.  Our mind may just be dropping a subtle hint.

So what is possible?

Basically impossibility is a gauge that other people use on you to gain control over your actions.  They generally do not want to see you succeed.  These words may be a badge of future success rather than some kind of trap.  'Do not listen to people.  Money is a trap.'  Are just a few cliches that we must  dissect to realize our dreams.

If we want more money for instance, the real question is what do we really desire?  Comfort, stability, toys, happiness, or whatever.  Fill in the blank with what you want.  But never forget the x factor my friends.  The unknown forces of good that exist and pull together the world that we perceive.  A knowledge of this is vital to business success.

Never listen to others, is one of the best pieces of advice on earth.  People just say stuff.  Learn to listen but not internalize. They may just be contributing to the sound space.  Realize that people who communicate excessively do so to fill some kind of void.  Silence is the best teacher.  This is why the best business plans are hashed up in complete silence.

Ditch your road map.  Face reality.  Get it done.  Find ways to improve yourself this year that you can carry on to the year after that. 

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Are You A Leader Or A Boss

Simple solutions usually lick complex problems.  Many people fly around the world to realize simple things about their life.  Others do not go anywhere and never face the same set of things.

Business is like that.  Online business is not simple.  Do not get fooled.  If you do not have something to sell, it may help to develop that first.  For example manufacturing bicycle parts in your garage could lead to an online bike part website that you made and maintain.

Business is never simple.  The sheer complexity of the competitive world is astonishing.  Sometimes good manners is not enough.  We are in a world saturated with people wanting to do work that the world has little demand for.  Because of this product development is everything.

Being original, independent, and creating true time honored quality is everything.  Understanding the complex and intricate that customers have with the product and your website is crucial.  What are you doing about it?

Ultimately the things matter.  The consumer has more choices these days.  I can personally find stuff on my computer that is far newer and better than I could find at any store.

I largely go by reviews and brand recognition.  If you are new to the game obviously quality and branding are huge.  Those are literally annoying words that basically mean get it right the first time.  Do not waste people's time.  Do not be foolish.  In online business we all have only one chance.  Reputations are gone with the wind unless we are super respectful of the space, our product, our customers, and the list goes on till the cows come home.

The big word is leadership my friends.  Leaders always do well in business because of their tenacious initiative.  They get it done while the world sleeps.  They are always driving fore ward instinctively and tirelessly.  Are you a leader?

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How Can The Internet Be Used For Competitive Advantage In Business

Can the physical body manifest success?  Often the answer is yes.  Many people neglect this simple fact.  They really push it and end up a wreck.  This is common.

Can success bring healing to the physical body?  The answer is most likely no.  Destiny may be a pretty large thing.  It may be colorful.  But when it happens people notice that there life is not much different, no matter how many diamonds are on their hand, or cars in their garage.

So this is not a yin and yang relationship.  With that said the Internet is great for learning, networking, and making cash.  We can find ourselves here.  It is the Internet that inspires people to do what they would have never done otherwise.  Some grow their hair out.  Others walk across the country.  Having and achieving these lofty goals is really what life is all about.  Do not get carried away with money, or any other promise that is given from the TV or the world.

Is user generated content diminishing over time?  In some ways it is.  People loose interest in the medium.  After the hype is generated from humans, corporations start to take interest in the traffic and people leave.  This is a similar life cycle of most community sites, and social media mediums.  This may even be the cycle for the Internet itself.  That is why bigger personal fortunes were made in the early Internet.  Than as it grew and changed, more people could make less money. 

In the end it all comes back to you.  Who cares about this or that.  What are you all about?  Where are you going.  And how can the Internet take you there?

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