What Would You Do For The Money

The number one sacrifice that people make for money is their time. It takes awhile to succeed. Seeing a return is a lot like waiting. It will happen, but something has to be done first. For example a blog post takes time. Creating a store on ebay takes effort. And creating a video channel takes concentration. For better or worse most people do not even try. This can be a problem if they have a need for money. They want to buy some clothing or food. They have the time and energy to trade. It is also important to see what resources that we really have. Are we just a spoke in a wheel, or is our business bigger than people give it credit for. Time is best when it is on our side, because it can run out. And putting too great an emphasis on success, business and money can cause it to run out. If we do not generate much in business than the time is wasted, especially if we do not like doing the task that it took to generate the cash.

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