Is Your Heart In Your Brand

People seem to have a pretty amazing ability to tell if somone is serious about what they promote. People who take themself and their business serious often do much better than people who are closer to being a poser. Often if we are not doing what we want to be doing we send out subconscious body language that triggers a certain response in other people's brains. People who do sales pitches on tv for example are really good with their body language, tone of voice, presentation, and delivery. This is a learned and developed talent that is not easy to do. Some people for example are so bad at the pitch that they try to shy away from the spotlight in their business. Other people really connect and relate to their customers. It is really about being yourself. There will always be some one saying negative things. These things can be true and used as advice, but not all of the time. Taking advice to literally undermines the voice within and great business execution curtesy of practice.

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