I Have Lost All Interest In Twitter! What Should I Do?

Is Twitter all the rage my friends? I honestly do not know any more because I hardly ever use it. I have given up texting, messaging, and anything else that resembles real communication. Why? I just need time for other things.

So how can I redeem such a negative blog post by marketing standards? Who knows lol. But check out ADLY if you are interested in making money on Twitter. Adly is in tweet advertising similar to many other services.

If your Twitter account is used more personally with people than you may want to think Twice about this. It may be less intrusive to get a sponsored link in your description if you really need that.

I have been thinking long and hard about the whole selling out think online. But I have come to one conclusion. Even the hottest youtube or twitter commidity of the moment will eventually fade. If your powers can make you decent money now why not take it!

On the other hand you may loose visitors because of this. But I am no purist. I try to put advertising on everything. Why? Because the best type of money is here and now.

But all to their own. Tell me how your day is going in the comment section.

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