Failure Is Not An Option Principles

1.  Success happens in degrees.  How have you already succeeded online?

2.  What can you do differently to succeed?

3.  Are you working as hard as you need to?

4.  What do you need more of?  Experience?  Expertise?  Access?  Networking?

5.  Who have you attracted that you associate with online?

6.  What can you do to increase your availability to other people?

7.  Are you willing to take the key risk that will get you over the hump?

8.  Are you just a follower of other successful people, or do you set out on your own as an individual?

9.  Do you read self help books, or actively help yourself and your situation?

10.  Is negativity foiling your dreams before you have a chance to even try them?

11.  Are you just wasting your time doing stuff, or doing the exact thing that needs to be done?

12.  Are you willing to accept change in order to be more successful, or do you always go back on old ways?

13.  Do you ever soul search to come up with better uses of your time and energies?

14.  Are you an active and important member of your community, or just a spectator?

15.  Do you try to foster people who do not want to deal with you, or do you utilize the laws of attraction and focus on the people that have naturally come to you?

16.  Are you social?

17.  What can you do to improve your communication skills.

18.  What can you do to make more money.

19.  What can you do to become more wise and knowledgeable?

20.  Are you a generalist or a specialist?

21.  Do you take your profession too seriously?

22.  Do you believe that financial freedom is possible?

23.  Do you want to become famous, stable, happy, or what?

24.  Who is your real family?  Do you spend time and appreciate them?

25.  What is your belief system?  Are you religious?  Do you have strong emotions about any particular topic?

26.  Who are you?  What do you associate with?  What is your identity all about?  How has it changed this past year?

27.  Do you feel being stranded is a universal condition, an idea, a feeling?  Are you willing to physically free yourself?  Are you willing to face your fears?  Are you willing to put the past where it belongs?  Are you honest with your emotions?

28.  Do you compare yourself to other people?

29.  Do you want to change the world, or are satisfied with the way things are?

30.  Do you like your location?

31.  Have you made ample use of the last 3 years or just wasted your time?

32.  Do you use your powers of free will to make things happen?

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Blogger Finally Meets Up With Amazon

Blogger has now made it much easier to use amazon associate links on it. This is great news for all people who are in it for the money.

In a nut shell the associates program is an affiliate program. People do well hyperlinking to goods and services. This is advanced blogging my friends but now it is simple!

What a great day.

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No More Links Please: Socialight And Shoutem

Even though building connections with other people is not my strongest thread, it should be yours. To help check out the app related sites Socialight and Shoutem. Give me the low down my friends(In the comment section)! That would be great.

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The Link Marathon: Heyzap, Eye Fi And Other Stuff!

The world turns and I forgot to pay attention to what has happened! Technology is amazing. I am totally stuck in 2008 lol.

Let us take a look at some late breaking developments:

Eye Fi looks like an SD card that brings WI Fi capabilities to our cameras. This is very useful because my video camera has a drive. So basically I could edit stuff directly to the web and bring in other things off the web. This is really what the future should look like! I will be playing Heyzap until my laziness subsides and I order one! I wonder where technology will take us? Do you have a Hunch?

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Why Adcause

We all dreamed of the day that the online advertising gap will close up. That day has not come, but we are getting there.

New in the world of Twitter conscience advertising is Adcause.

The benefit of Adcause over other Twitter advertising companies is that it allows the busy online professional to also save the world from their chair. This is really the best of all worlds.

Adcause even lets people suggest organizations. This user gen aspect of the company is so money. So check it out and tell us what you think.

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2010 Link Day: Wix And Total Apps

I have realized that many of my posts have not been overly useful lately. And I set out on this blog, to finally create a site that people can learn something from. The essence of the web is other websites. It is hard to understand that if we spend all of our time on youtube. But that is exactly what I have been doing lately, so my blogging has been missing in action. This post will hopefully lead some people down some cool trails on the interwebs.

The first site that I cam across is Wix. This is a great service that helps people do stuff on flash pages. Wix just seems very useful for people who care about the looks which are really important.

Total Apps is anouther cool site about applications. This is important because now days everyone is talking about how apps are the future. Sprawled across every paper and magazine is app this and that. This is important info my friends to understand where this online matrix virtual reality is taking us next.

That is about it. Report back to me your thoughts on those links, and have a good day!

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I Have Lost All Interest In Twitter! What Should I Do?

Is Twitter all the rage my friends? I honestly do not know any more because I hardly ever use it. I have given up texting, messaging, and anything else that resembles real communication. Why? I just need time for other things.

So how can I redeem such a negative blog post by marketing standards? Who knows lol. But check out ADLY if you are interested in making money on Twitter. Adly is in tweet advertising similar to many other services.

If your Twitter account is used more personally with people than you may want to think Twice about this. It may be less intrusive to get a sponsored link in your description if you really need that.

I have been thinking long and hard about the whole selling out think online. But I have come to one conclusion. Even the hottest youtube or twitter commidity of the moment will eventually fade. If your powers can make you decent money now why not take it!

On the other hand you may loose visitors because of this. But I am no purist. I try to put advertising on everything. Why? Because the best type of money is here and now.

But all to their own. Tell me how your day is going in the comment section.

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The Real Crazy Challenges When Setting Up A Business

Businesses tend to always go under. Do not ask me why. We must turn that fear into a constructive energy that goes right to the point of energy. Here we will unlock the money quickly and effectively.

People tend to give up on successful ventures. Take a musician for example. They love music up until the point where they get good. It is then that their craft becomes boring.

This is the hump we must all get out of. The cage that we must all pick the lock on. This my friends is the ultimate caveat.

There are people who put up one video on YouTube and get millions of hits. No questions asked. There are others who put up ten a day their entire lives and never get over 3 hits a piece. Where is the justice here my friends?

Then there are those that go for their calling. They become noble and do well. They were shaky in the beginning but in the end were pros.

Leave a comment with your best business tips that you can give us!

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Make A Lonely Blog Less Sad

We all know that there are secrets to prop up our blogs. Technorati, feedburner, you name it we have tried it all right? Think again!

How do you think the pros get huge traffic bursts while everyone else is kinda doing all right with just a bit of traffic. Here are some new services worth checking out:

Blastcasta - Apparently works magic with feeds.

Twitter Gadget - Helps bridge the gap between the website game and social media specific sites.

Twitter Card - Is a professional way to advertise your twitter presence.

Twoxit - Allows active website users to openly tweet on their home page.

Leave a comment if you know of anything else that will help social media, blog, or business people do great.

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A Blog Business And Internships

Blogging for money is obviously where it is at. People who can successfully do it often have more ideas than they can act upon. Why not hire interns? Many businesses actually have people pay for internships. So why not do that for you blog. You can even get the final editorial say on the blog content. This can raise the value of you blog especially if you use other bloggers who have their own audience.

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The 10 Real Pillars Of Success

1. Always look to successful people, and not the experts. Successful people do not need a title, or associations. Experts are really constructed and not made. Look to real things to achieve your goals, the world around you, travel, and action.

2. Keep it all in prospective. Do not get trapped chasing an idea that you will just do till you get to the end. If things clearly seem pointless move out and away.

3. The time is now. If you want to move to California for instance, do it right this moment. Now is always the best time. Planning and thinking about the future is pointless. Time is not forever. Get out there.

4. Have your own ideas, actions, and goals. Do not let others dictate that stuff to you.

5. Make a major change today. Find the thing that would have the biggest impact on your life and do it. Take that trip. Who cares. Success does not wait for anyone. And no matter what the world always spins and ultimatly no one cares. So do not listen to the life pressures forcing you into the norms of success.

6. Never set monetary goals. This is what many people do and is extremely pointless. Accomplish real and satisfying things and the money and acknowlegements will follow.

7. Things change. Get over it. It is not where things are going that is important, but rather where you are going, what you are doing and ultimately how you feel about the big picture. Your life is important to you. Never forget that. If you are stranded, do not look externally. Face life, smell the coffee, wake up and make changes.

8. The economy will never get good. Never wait for something to happen. If you want to go to Africa just do it now. The losses are an illusion. Never cling to the vestiges of anything.

9. There will always be problems with everything. We live in a broken world. Do not internalize it or the sick people or you will just go down with them. Get away, rise above and win.

10. You are who you are and no one else. It is all in you. No one is better really. Be it.

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The Spirit Of Work

Making money online takes a work ethic like anything else. The lurning curve is sharp. The work that people put in to succeed is generally quite a bit. So be ready to work hard for that money. Crank out the posts and videos. Respond to all people. Make yourself known. Participate in community. Do not focus too much on any one thing. Build a personal brand. Do what you love. Always try to expand what you do. Try new things. Stick with it. Enjoy it.

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Blogging For And About Keywords?

Search engine traffic on specific keywords is cool. There is a tendency for google to emphasize sites that play within the realm of their suggested key phrases. Great content is necessary also when the spider evaluates the site. Video content is important, and more specifically targeted sequencing of high quality content.

Getting keyword traffic will not help adsense if the keywords do not pay out well. Also many bloggers do well on seemingly irrelevant keywords. They may bring good traffic, but not much more.

Taking good domains out for the long term can improve key word success. For example if I have a domain and a blog that does well out of the box for 10 general keywords, and 8 specific I may lock it down for many years and this could tag on even more keywords and traffic.

Keywords always comes back to content. If what you do is somehow not conducive to the collection of information by search engines, your site may not have any keywords. But sites can still do well in aggregators, so do not take keywords too seriously.

But build great sites. Yes focus on one blog, but build many and experiment. Trial and error, and playing it by ear will improve your ability to nail important keywords, have more successful blogs, and ultimately make more money.

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Building On A Dream

I want to be a movie star. I want to be this. I want to be that. These are common feelings that people have. Occasionally dreams happen. More often lifestyles are engineered. Commonly people are working jobs that they know in their heart will not deliver even a retirement. But we work for food, clothing, shelter, legitimacy, or whatever. But our dreams can still happen. Think about this:

The Blueprint For Gaining An Online Edge:

1. Get a video camera in a store or online.

2. Get some simple video editing software

3. Start making videos for youtube

4. Create a blogger blog

5. Set up social profiles

6. Learn skills through the web and follow interests

If most people follow a similar plan, over time they will gain access to their dreams. Sales funnels, social proof, or whatever it takes all can be gained from time, patience, experience, product quality, will, heart, dedication, and a positive attitude.

Find something that you are obsessed with. Odds are other people are too. This is a strong market for gaining traffic to videos and websites.

Find a market on a product or service that people really need. Use the essential route to leverage money in a well positioned online business.

Dream a dream and make it happen using the internet, social sites, video and blogging. Living the dream will make it happen sooner or later. Be patient, grow and do it.

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Is Your Blog Notable?

Many people just try to win awards. But in reality a small amount of excellent blog content is worth much more than billions of pages of failed content. There is a reason that certain blogs draw people again and again.

Do not know where to start? Make a blog about yourself. Record your surroundings. Get comfortable in the blogging medium.

Then move into niche blogs suited to your interest. One great niche blog is worth more than a million failed ones.

Blogging is about quality and focus. Many bloggers say it can take years to really know how to knock one out of the park. Others say it is best to get everything right the first time.

Is it worth investing money into blogs? Yes and no. I love word press and specialized blogs, but the bells and whistles are not necessary. The medium is a tool and not the end all.

In the online web though blogs can bring hits to YouTube videos, or gain people twitter followers. Blogs brings all of the links together and drive traffic from search engines to the words and media. Blogs are magical in their own way. They are a world on their own. There has been a shift from blogging recently. But blog power is real and when we know it, we know zen.

It is all about now, here and what we have to say or offer.

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Ideas Versus Presentation

The internet has contracted the value and use of time. People unless somehow signaled will not spend a whole lot of time doing anything. Before the intenet people used to dwell on different things in the media. Now they are always looking for ways to move on and out. Especially with things that are extremely popular online there is a tendency to look for what is next.

Presentation is a big draw. But not a long lasting money maker. Certain people on youtube for example draw people to their video. They have strong presentation and aestetics.

When the short term value runs out what do you give people? This is very important. What are your long term goals online? How will you sustain what you are doing online?

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Leaving A Message On Someone Else's Blog, Message Board, Video, Etc...

A major aspect of online business is the volley of communication. It is a delicate dance between participating and being overbearing. We know we should probably be leaving messages below those videos, blog posts and other things in social media. But we must remember:

1. That our messages may be there a long time

2. Our ability to destroy our relationship with that person and others

Some of the most common communication between people on the internet includes:

A. Not leaving any message at all - This may not seem like a tool but it is really good. Basically we let our relationships develop with other people. If we are busy creating content why waste time leaving comments when our content is not up. Also why take the risk with many people that will basically reject our desire to connect.

B. A general greeting - A professional verson of the hi, hows it going can be a great opener. For the people who do not want to reply back kinda know that the greeting was really not meant to communicate. And for the others this may generate interest so they will come onto our soil and open up a dialogue.

C. A customized greeting - Customizing a greeting shows people that we the reader, or fan have taken the time to go through their content. This will increase the odds for interaction. It is important not to get over zealous and allow the relationship and connection to sink in. I am a firm believer that time is what grows the best connections and not going crazy in someone elses comment area.

D. An off center greeting - This is designed to get the person's attention. For example if you are trying to get a legendary blogger or youtuber to acknowlege you on a personal level then you need to do something to seperate your message from the thousand other messages that they get on a day to day basis. This is a fundemental life skill where you try to put yourself in their shoes. Really it is important to humor or amuse them in some way and show that you do not take things too seriously. If you are good at this skill they will always take the bait. If not than it may be a one in ten scenerio.

E. A smiley face - This is becomming increasingly common. People want their emotion and presence known but feel it is a bit over the top to try to communicate out of the gate. When doing this know your audience.

F. Tell us what kind of messages you leave other people.

To conclude, online communication is an important skill to learn and develop. If you build an audience and continually interact you are ahead of the game. Do not turn your business into anouther annoying product placement channel that will just get blocked by millions of annoyed people.


What Are You Really Doing With Your Opportunities

A negative attitude is common. Taxes are high. Everything is a scam. I can never make it as a blogger, or online video channel. It is impossible. It is uncool. Unfortunately these thoughts defeat the purpose of reality. Sure taxes are high, but there is a big break for education. So it may help to go to school for computer training which will help your online business. It may seem that getting into wordpress is a big overhead. But if it is audited as a business expense then you may get a tax break for that. Life is about these major actions that help improve your physical enterprise. For example it may help to stop getting advice from sources that you have been proven wrong. One thing is for sure that what the masses feel, tends to be a good opinion. For example a product on amazon that one hundred people rate 5 star is generally a pretty good product. Life is kind of like that. There are some simple internet business truths that we all kinda know, but till we apply to these universal laws we will never win. Go with the flow my friends and then life gets better. Fight the world how it is and then we fall to negativity, and futile thoughts. There are two roads they say and the positive attitude, open minded vibe is the best for internet business.

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Cutting Edge Products

If you are in the business online game to win then put a lot of time into your product. The best products always win over time. If you have a youtube channel, make it the best. If you are on twitter be the greatest. It is that simple. In order to win in a competitive world it is important to have a big lead. This is more than just the edge. It is real victory.

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Dealing With External Powers

We all have the power to engineer a perfect life. To get the exact things we need online for instance. Food, water, and shelter...

But no matter who we are, the imposition of outside powers and forces often gives us a hard run to our goals. Sometimes it is best to avoid things and situations that are against us. Then we can convert our energy to where we can succeed and find social mobility and financial freedom.

Internet business is great for people who do not live in an economic rich area, or do not have serious time to start a physical business. The Internet can generate wealth and freedom.

Just be careful of the most common mistakes people make online:

1. Reputation - It is very common for people to feel anonymous online and forget that the world is watching. Let the stuff come your way and give people the freedom to interact. I am sick of getting emails along the line of 'check out my site,' or 'check out my videos.' 100% of the time I do not. And I know that these people generally produce a lower quality product that does not spread across the web too well. Be modest and let your content and positive generosity speak for itself. Do not come after people with the product you are selling.

2. Negativity - Online there are many people trying to bring you down. That is a simple fact. There are people who make huge incomes as trolls. It is easy to feel down when being psychologically harassed by these people. They may sometimes tell the truth. But just block them out and keep sending out the content. If it is too hard just quit.

3. Time - An Internet business like any other does take some time. It is easy to get caught up in those people who quickly succeed. That is generally not the norm. Time and learning are the key. Get a game plan. Set realistic goals like getting a hundred thousand views on YouTube or one hundred dollars a day with AdSense. Then do and learn from your mistakes and not what some other person tells you. And if you do not feel comfortable sacrificing your valuable time on the net quit right now.

4. Energy - People who work day in and out on the net get tired. It is easy to think that a sit down job would be easy. It is not. Most people who are successful online lead very imbalanced lives. Many bloggers have quit and made major career changes. Basically they said this is it. Imagine leaving a successful enterprise like that.

5. Realistic Goals - We all instinctively know what we can do. Unfortunately online it is easy to compare ourselves to others. This is a trap. Be yourself. Follow your interests wherever they may lead. Do not always just chase hype.

6. The Leg Work - If you want to do well producing content you may have to go out into the world with a camera. If you review products you will have to initially buy them. If you are into filming and street interviews you will need to cut a lot of film and produce well made videos. Online work can be physical.

There are many more things I want to say but please play to win. Be the best. Be ethical. Be good. You are a real champion.

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What Does Desperation Really Mean

Many people who loose their jobs, or do not make as much money as they want on an online business often become desperate. This is only a natural feeling of percieved helplessness. In reality they just sacrificed their time into activities that are not as fruitful as we percieve them. In the internet business it is often the wrong ideas that get people into this corner. In the job market it is usually a heavy reliance on the job and hence the actions of other people. Our real power comes from ourselves to make truely independent decisions. It does not matter what other people tell you, even if that person makes 6 figures working a minute a year. It does not matter what family that person is from or their story. We all live our own lives. Take our own risk. And travel our own road. If we have an obstacle on our road, instead of getting mad at the obstacle it is better to take a different road and direction. Take yourself to the happiest time in your life and try to bring that feeling back. Because success is meaningless with happiness and a positive but real attitude. Keeping it real with our situation and facing our reality is key. It is important to not get caught up in what the tv or society tells us. We must all sail our own ship. Escaping impossible situations will make a hero out of anyone.

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What Could You Be Doing Now To Solve Your Problems

Internet business is a part of life, but what about that other part. What void do you need filling? What are your real dreams honestly? What country do you want to live in? What impact do you want to make on humanity? What values do you hold? What are you really after? Is doing stuff a distraction from that real thing that you want? Because it is probably instantly obtainable if you want to do it. For example if you today want to lie on the beaches of mexico, leave right now. Do not try to save money. Do not make excuses. Life is short and in this moment you are at your true peak. If you satisfy that one urge, then the next, you will open up the world that you never thought was possible. Then your internet business will be just an amusing hobby that makes you money while the world spins around and people rush to the next thing. Life is a vacation if you make it that. Life is work if you make it that. Do not work too hard. And send me a post card.

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Push Through The Negativity

In the online world people get negative to engage people. They hope their target stops what they are doing. This is a common thing people have to deal with online. Sometimes critique can help. Usually it is unfounded. Block these people and keep posting. Do not stop.

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Is Your Heart In Your Brand

People seem to have a pretty amazing ability to tell if somone is serious about what they promote. People who take themself and their business serious often do much better than people who are closer to being a poser. Often if we are not doing what we want to be doing we send out subconscious body language that triggers a certain response in other people's brains. People who do sales pitches on tv for example are really good with their body language, tone of voice, presentation, and delivery. This is a learned and developed talent that is not easy to do. Some people for example are so bad at the pitch that they try to shy away from the spotlight in their business. Other people really connect and relate to their customers. It is really about being yourself. There will always be some one saying negative things. These things can be true and used as advice, but not all of the time. Taking advice to literally undermines the voice within and great business execution curtesy of practice.

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Internet Business Delivery

We life in a fast and efficient world. When we mail order stuff off the Internet it comes quickly in packages. Great business just works, and people can adapt their life ways to it. If I need clothes, I place an order. The exact clothing comes in days end of story. Life is easy. Easy feels good. Make your business easy for people. Make your blog easy to understand. Make your YouTube channel easy to follow. Make perfection.

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What Would You Do For The Money

The number one sacrifice that people make for money is their time. It takes awhile to succeed. Seeing a return is a lot like waiting. It will happen, but something has to be done first. For example a blog post takes time. Creating a store on ebay takes effort. And creating a video channel takes concentration. For better or worse most people do not even try. This can be a problem if they have a need for money. They want to buy some clothing or food. They have the time and energy to trade. It is also important to see what resources that we really have. Are we just a spoke in a wheel, or is our business bigger than people give it credit for. Time is best when it is on our side, because it can run out. And putting too great an emphasis on success, business and money can cause it to run out. If we do not generate much in business than the time is wasted, especially if we do not like doing the task that it took to generate the cash.

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Understanding Risk

Understanding risk is the single most important factor when navigating in the business world. Risk is something we feel, and pay for. And the best business opportunities are always free. So realizing a low risk situation is often the best opportunity in online business. A good place to start is free blogging and social media sites. Part of the risk is related to content rights, censorship, spying on us through our content, etc. But these are risks that I personally have chosen to put up with. The reward is checks in the mail that help out with life.

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Take The Time To Think

We live in a fast paced world. If we live in fear of money, shelter and other things we never can sit back and let the sub conscious go to work. It is in our mind that greater truths well up. For example, my mind may tell me to go to the wilderness and live in a cabin. If I act on this there is often an unknown gift that shows itself. In the world of internet business we are led to believe that things will not be around forever, and that change is what the internet is defined by. We must also look into creating timeless content and files that will survived net revolutions. For example in the early days of the internet many of the same players are in the game today. Some simple sites never change and always gain a prophet. For example a forum on a place, or services never gets old. Throw on new type of site properties and you will do well. Remember success is simple. Just solve everyday problems and define the human experience and you will succeed. End of story.

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Spring Business Momentum

Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy perfect weather. It is also a good time to write some good blog posts, set up a website, or sell stuff on ebay. This way we can make money while hiking up a foot hill. Affiliate sales may be down compared to the holidays but now is a great time to do the footwork. Spring is a great time to take trips, check the country out and turn over a new and fresh leaf. Get out in the world. It is literally yours.

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Business Longevity

When a blog makes money in the long term, it is important to find a pace. It is important to build content better every time than the last. People can feel the energy build. Try to improve the lives of your readers more with each posts. Keep up the good work. If your blog makes money occasionally post something.

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