2010 Link Day: Wix And Total Apps

I have realized that many of my posts have not been overly useful lately. And I set out on this blog, to finally create a site that people can learn something from. The essence of the web is other websites. It is hard to understand that if we spend all of our time on youtube. But that is exactly what I have been doing lately, so my blogging has been missing in action. This post will hopefully lead some people down some cool trails on the interwebs.

The first site that I cam across is Wix. This is a great service that helps people do stuff on flash pages. Wix just seems very useful for people who care about the looks which are really important.

Total Apps is anouther cool site about applications. This is important because now days everyone is talking about how apps are the future. Sprawled across every paper and magazine is app this and that. This is important info my friends to understand where this online matrix virtual reality is taking us next.

That is about it. Report back to me your thoughts on those links, and have a good day!

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