What Challeneges Really Are About

A very common complaint in the Internet business field is the whole concept of a challenge. Many people enter and immediately go into things like how they do not know enough about computers, or websites. In reality those things are very easy. Playing with what we have ensures epic success. We are not all programmers, or experts in a field. We are not all Hollywood types, or have an uncanny ability to connect with people. We are not all marketing or business experts. But we are all unique and special. We all have the ability to succeed in something, and probably the means to try. We all can remove failure from our belief system and start thinking that we are good enough and legitimate. We all have the right to soul search until we find that thing that we enjoy. We all have the right to become who we want to be. But in life what we imagine success to be like and how we plan to achieve it are two completely different thing. This is probably why the expression 'roll with the punches' is so true. Often the people who run into battle loose and those that do their own thing win. This is at the common sense level but
few people live in the zone. Take it to the maximum horizon my friends. Become one with the universe and find your own path, way and write your own success story.

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