Testing The Waters

Let us say that you want to make a viral video youtube campaign. Your subject and channel for instance may be ufo related. You put up your first video. Are the ammount of hits an important consideration in going foreward with the idea? The answer may be yes. Sticking with things is good but repeating the same thing over and over again without the win can be a huge waste of time. Some people develop niches and do not spend much time on them, only a couple times a month. This can be a good idea given the residual nature of the internet. Intensity is not as important as longevity, quality, and execution. But I think you could be the next internet star. Just do not let the haters and trolls bring you down. They exist everywhere in life, online and off. Focus. Concentrate. Execute. Get it done. Enjoy the ride and the journey. And most importantly learn something. Anyone who spends any time online can testify that the internet is the most powerful learning tool on earth for practically anything. Watch videos, make your own. Start a blog and win in life. It takes less than you think to win the game. I have faith in you. Do not hang onto hope but rather produce and reproduce results. That is the bottom line. And be a good person so you can live with your online creations.

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