Should I Move To A New City

If you ask this question than the answer is absolutely yes. If you have any doubts about your situation than there are real things that are bringing you down. Better places exist where you will find bigger success. And risks are all in our head. Fear is always irrational in relation to this. Fear is crazy and new cities often are easier than our life. Our time is short. Make your life rule. Do not be trapped living some one Else's life. Do not fall into the trap of just accepting the world the way it is. Life is a canvas and you are the painter. Make it brilliant. Blow your mind and those of the people around you. There is a great world out there just out of our sight. It is better than anything we imagined. The perfect world does exist on earth. Conscinceness drives this. The light does exist. Follow your heart and it will show you the way. This is the way we can truly be free and happy. Life becomes easier when we stop struggling. When we stop running the race. And we stop to think what it is we really want. What it is we are really after. When we go to these places where the energy is right, stuff just falls into place. For example if you are into computers you may want to move to Silicon Valley. Just saying.

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