Separate Results From Effort

Most successful people work hard. But hard work by most people does not ammount to much. This is why we all end up in ruts. Our painful efforts are for results that are about the same every time. The solution to this is not working as hard or more importantly giving up. Countless blogs are abandoned within the first weeks of work. People within the community instantly dub these rational people quitters. These people in reality are the ones who succeed. They do not cling to anything. They are mobile and produce results. They know what they want. They have certain success expectations and if they are not met then the project ends. Find an area in your life where you can produce results. After you have identified it, figure how you can shift your life focus to results. The most common problem people have in online business is that they do not do what they love. They sell out to others and their heart is not in the game. Online media is a tool. If it is not used like that then it is a huge waste of time. Always try to get something in return for your time spent online, like ad revenue that is greater than what you spend. And better yet use free services to get your break.

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