Real Leadership Begins With The Mind

In society we are often taught to be a leader. There is an intrinsic feeling that leaders are in control of things. Leaders hold the pieces together and call the shots. In reality we are given little tangible knowlege that builds upon our natural ability to lead. Instead most people learn to become good followers. After all as the saying goes we need to do what everyone else is doing, whether that be jobs, cars, clothes or whatever. The Joneses a hypethetical group of people set up the norms and we must all do our best to be like them. In reality we are all different and hold great power to mold our reality, especially our immediately surroundings. Real change in our lives begins with what we can do. Our power is not found by watching the news all day and thinking some hypothetical view of the world put on others is all of a sudden going to change things. The world is going to have problems, and so are we. This is life. We all have cards, some good and some bad. We are all down on our luck in some way. Naturally as social animals we ask for help and assistance. This only will cause people to slam the door in our face. Often when we cast out on our real journey that the pieces fall together. I can say where I live as a whole people are too dependent on what I call catastrophic luck. The reasoning goes that it is fine to work a horrible job because we have the inherent power where a hollywood insider will tell us that we are the next Helen Hunt, Peter Fonda, Jackie Chan, or whoever. In reality those jobs though reasonably obtainable are actually media distractions to cause us to desire it as the quick fix and the ultimate dream. If most people thought about it. Made themselves some famous actor in their mind, they would immediately find that being famous in itself is not the way to feel illuminated on the inside. The money, wealth, prestige, and branding are good but then what. Actors and celebs constantly have to deal with the whole fame meter. In a couple of weeks the next person will come along, then what? This is why I believe in real and sustainable ambition. For example if a person wants to act, or be an internet celebrity there have better be a reasonable effort that leads to a reasonable chance or time is just ticking away. That is a very simple message but an important one that I want to put out there.

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