How To Fund Your Life

People are always out to get money. What they do not understand is that money is taxed. Money can not be eaten, and money is not a finished product. So why do we want this money so much? Most likely it is a medium of trade. In my country people who earn money tend to put it in banks, where it is not safe. They tend to loose money, are taxed and go into the debt spiral really quick. As a result many are on various programs for assistance. Taxes and other scams make this a hard hole to get out of. On top of that we live in a really material society. We need the newest thing whatever it may be. Most people are not comfortable buying quality products that last. Most people are not comfortable making life choices that reduce their reliance on the corporate world. When I talk of farming and planting edible foods people think I am crazy. But in reality doing stuff like that is important for gaining independence from the system. An online business is a good supplement income when we are getting off the grid, because the world of money at the moment is quite imposing. It is important to be partially in the matrix just as a quick trade mechanism while working to remove ourselves from the grid. To be Truly independent. Some people just take the leap and become a survivalist, and live off of twigs and berries. This is the best case scenario but in many cases people have barriers to this. But we live in a world where we do need to take leaps. Most of ourselves were not born with acreage to farm so we have to try to get to that point. But I am here to say that there are ways, whether it be just living off of a friend and farming their property or whatever. Remember that it is really society telling us that we need these things. In reality money and wealth is not necessary. But rather control of our situation. People who do the best in their life use the immediate world around them to gain this control. I am currently planting fruit trees from see and have been successful. I am trying to ween myself from buying food. Even if the property is sold, world food prices will go down because people on the land will occasionally eat the fruit instead of going to the store. This revolution is important to us personally, and society as a whole, for sustainability and wealth. Residual online income will help us get to that place.

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